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Day 6: 30-Minute Lower Burn Workout

4.4 Stars · 16 Reviews

A stable and strong lower body gives you power! In this video, we will work your powerhouse muscles to burn calories and strengthen your lower body to power through everyday life. Β 

Equipment needed:

  • 2 medium dumbbells
  • bath towel
  • small pillow

Optional advanced equipment:

  • resistance band

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.4 | 16 Reviews
Loved the stretches at the end
I could definitely feel the burn when we switched from the first circuit to the second!! The towel stretches felt so good!
Sofia @Sosospins
May 12, 2020
End Stretches were the best
Loved them
Cynthia Rios @cindyrios
May 09, 2020
Good Workout for Beginners
I kicked it up a notch by using heavier weights and a yoga block instead of a pillow. I preceded this workout with Day 5: 30-Minute Arms and Abs Workout which made for a great combination.
Barbara @Tabatta
May 09, 2020
Could not have been better named!
I felt the burn, it felt great ! But I definitely didn't have the balance and flexibility for the reach and touch combo (last circuit). It would have been interesting to have a balance+flexibility workout in this program :)
Julie Archambault @juar946
May 05, 2020
So good, I'm sweating. The end was truly a gift!
Sabina @SabinaBalt
April 24, 2020
Easy workout for light days
I didn't feel like working out so this was perfect. My muscles were activated and there was a good stretch at the end. Can be made to be more challenging by using heavier dumbbells - I used 10lbs but 12 lb could work as well. Even 15lb for some people.
akoko @akoko
October 23, 2019
Best cooldown so far!
Great leg workout, but the stretches were my favorite part.
Sonya @songjax
October 22, 2019
Great workout
Really liked it. Day 6 is done :)
Hannah @hnassiri
October 15, 2019
Loved this workout!
This workout was awesome. It isolated so many different muscles and I feel like it really helped me develop strength and balance. Great use of household items with the pillow and the towel!
Alison @alison
October 14, 2019 Colorado
Great one!
I really enjoyed this workout. It was enough intensive, glad that after 3 workouts with shoulders involved this one was just lower body. And the stretching was very helpful.
Michaela @misahorakova09
October 08, 2019
Felt the burn
Simple exercises but extremely effective. I appreciate the different levels provided so I can modify according to my level. I always finish feeling accomplished!
Rebecca Dooley @Dooley
September 21, 2019
Love this workout program!
This is another great workout with a warm and a cool down! Love that there are modifications and it is only 30 minutes. I have done this routine 3 times through now and I cant say enough good things!
Ashley Atkins @ashleylouiseatkins
September 15, 2019
Really like the stretching. Hits some great spots. I gotta work on that flexibility!πŸ˜€
Roberge @Phenice
September 13, 2019
So so
Stretching at the end too long for me
Berkhoutwlm @Berkhoutwlm
August 26, 2019
Instead of a towel a yoga band can be used.
Andreea Bordianu @andreeab
July 04, 2019