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Day 6: 30-Minute Ab and Arm Workout

4.6 Stars · 53 Reviews

This session focuses on your arms and abs with a mix of bodyweight and light weight exercises. Expect lots of bicep curls, planks, and v-sits with arm extensions. But you know Jake loves a full-body move, so there are also squats and jumping jacks so your legs don't feel completely left out. Give this workout your all, and enjoy a rest day tomorrow.

  • Equipment needed: 2 light free weights
Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.6 | 53 Reviews
Great work out
Really great. A amazing routine You don’t regret to try it.
Amelia32 @Amelia2204
October 30, 2023 usa
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corin purslow @corinpurslow
October 15, 2022
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 23, 2022
Fast paced but effective
In reality this took me over an hour to complete because I had to keep pausing and rewinding. Even the stretches didn't feel like long enough. It was a really good workout for the body though, I am very sweaty and feel like I worked very hard!
Melodie @MSlightningtwirl
June 08, 2022
i love how my back was engaged this whole workout
anny @haannyvi
December 05, 2020
So Fun!
This was over before I knew it! Loved keeping the arms active the whole time. Jake your counting made me smile over and over! Will come back to this one ~ thank you!
Pamela Ferrier @pmferrier
September 05, 2020
Bit too fast paced
Would have liked a bit more of a warm up and a smidge longer transitions - switching between 5 and 3 lbs cost me a few reps. Gotta say, there were moments in there I didn’t like Jake all that much :) But at the end of the day, it took just 30 minutes and my arms are noodles. So thank you Jake!
Olga @theobvious
August 26, 2020
Killer Workout
This caught me by surprise, it was fast!!! But very good
Christine @ChristineNjezz
August 22, 2020
Good workout but way too fast
I wanted to enjoy this workout because there were some innovative ways to work those muscle sets, however the transitions and set times were way too fast. I workout every day with lots of different trainers and can usually keep up but gee wiz buddy slow down, take a chill pill and give your audience a chance to process.
Janis Clifton @jmclifton
August 15, 2020
Love This, But a Little Fast!
I really enjoy Jake's workouts :) This one definitely worked the arms more than abs... but he did have you focus on abs in the beginning of the workout and at the end of the workout. However, sometimes he just goes a little too fast. Totally fine to not stop between reps, but I have to do the moves slower than him sometimes or I probably won't even do it right.
Stephanie Skorka @sskorka
August 10, 2020
My arms are shaking! Definitely more arms than abs, my abs dont feel tired
Abbi @abbijohnstone
August 06, 2020
Way Too Fast!!!
This had all the bones of a great workout, but the pace was WAY TOO FAST! There was no time to safely get into form for the next exercise or to switch weights (my shoulders are much weaker than my biceps). As a result, I often missed reps of each new exercise and at times lifted too light or too heavy, which resulted in either a lost strength training opportunity or couldn't hold my form. My lower back hurt afterwards from the fast transitions that made keeping good form tricky. A great series of exercises if presented more thoughtfully.
Deanna Conley @ddugs9
July 30, 2020
Jake' print
Different way to workout the arms, love it!. I'm just coming out of a strong rotator cuff pain and this workout felt good for it. Not hard but not so low, so I felt confortable with the movements
Montserrat Estrada @montsmer
July 18, 2020 Mexico
Tough arm workout
I expected it to be a lower intensity workout but Jake proved me wrong! My arms will be feeling this tomorrow! Wow.
Erin Clemence @ErinClemence
June 18, 2020
Not good if you are a beginner
I realy like Jake's spirit, but why isn't he going for breaks?! I dind't enjoy the start, too quick and heavy, I couldn't do it well because my legs were already hurting. I can't call it a warmup.
Sara @doichalafaia
June 15, 2020
My Arms!!!
Jake, you are amazing! Enjoyed this workout
Neetu @neetuc
June 06, 2020
Is you want to feel great this is the class
Really great. A amazing routine You don’t regret to try it
June 02, 2020
Actually a full-body workout
Though it's called an ab and arm workout, this featured enough squats and leg work that I think it pretty much covered everything. I was dying during the extended ab stuff at the beginning, but it was doable! Fun and well paced with good modifications.
Valerie @chufflebean
June 01, 2020
It was a good class but filming closely to the modification creates a distraction. I was trying to follow the class and every time the camera did a close up to the girl doing the modification, I got distracted and confused. I prefer when the camera films the three of them and each person can decide who he/she wants to follow.
Nathalie @natzyman
June 01, 2020
Great Arms, not Abs
I think it needs more breaks and more abs exercises. Did not have the weights at home.
Giulia @giuliafreitas
May 30, 2020
absolutely wonderful!
No breaks, challenging as hell, very interesting exercise flows, every second counts! Jake is definitely one of the best trainers here!
Sonia Janion @Sosia719
May 28, 2020
This will get me ready for the summer :)
This workout kicks my butt Arms abs and legs are going to be sore tomorrow! Jake is the best! :) He is also motivated and he keeps me pushing thru.
elise harren
May 24, 2020
Killing workout
My arms are still shaking! Loved it!
Eva @evanavarroramos
May 19, 2020
Holy Arms!
I hate arm day, I feel like arms are my weakest feature. But this workout kicked my butt (well arms!) And I was laughing along the way! I'll feel it tomorrow!!
Karli Tsuge @kbtsuge
May 19, 2020
Not loving the jumping in the first 5 5
but I love this workout! He's so funny and there's no point to working out unless it's a challenge.
Carina Keller @morticiabubbles
May 17, 2020
In my honest opinion, Jake is the best we have out there. All his workouts be it arms, abs, booty.. they are killing <3 And that yummy stretch at the end of workout is like a cherry on the top. Loved it completely. I had to pause twice in middle to breathe. :'D
Deeksha @deekshamakholiya
May 14, 2020
Sooooo fast!!!
Wow! I switched from 5lbs to 3lbs halfway through! He is hard to keep up with, but it was fun!
bhutch77 @bhutch77
May 13, 2020
One of the best arm workouts I have ever done !
Camille @CamilleHry
May 08, 2020
Love it!
lucia @sunlula
May 01, 2020
wowwww this one is HARD! But great :-)
Amber Gomaa @ambergomaa
April 29, 2020 Amsterdam
What a Challenge!
I tried to get through this one with 5lb weights and it just couldn't be done---it's the lowest weight I have at home and I needed to drop the weights a few times. Never trust Jake to do an "arms and abs" workout---my legs were burning and my heart was pumping. Always full body fun :) This was killer though, I'll definitely be coming back to this one.
Jessica Dyck @jess.dyck
April 21, 2020
Tough but really good!!!
Saumya @sk3110
April 19, 2020
The warm up felt like something impossible, but the further I went, the better it was! Absolutely loved it!
Kessady @kessy_d
April 17, 2020
My favourite so far!
loved this exercise so much! my arms are going to burn!
Carolina Marcias @carochechi
April 16, 2020
So hard
I used 3lb weights & my shoulders were dying! I couldn’t keep up with his pace without feeling like I was flinging the weights around, so I just went slower and did less reps. It still burned!
Lisa @missxlisa
April 15, 2020
fast paced
Not my favourite workout session. Trainer is too fast with exercises, struggled to keep up.
cami @camiaramayo94
April 14, 2020
Intense !!
Jake Plays No Games i Know once i See Him In The Workout its Game Time
Cruz Ramirez @iAmericainkd
April 14, 2020
Too Fast
There is no doubt this is a great workout, and I love Jake's personality and motivation throughout. But man, I could not keep up with him at all. He moves so fast between moves that there were several times I had to pause and rewind to figure out what I was supposed to be doing next.
Casey @clgjt13
April 08, 2020 CO
And so, so hard!
Michelle @michellestevenson
April 06, 2020
Good mix
enjoy the way you keep the body moving and guessing, never boring. This workout with plenty of rest good diet and plenty of water will surely tone up the body.
Gloria w Purter @gpurter
April 01, 2020
I hate Jake Dupree!!! =) In a good way. This is the best arm workout I've ever done. thanks so much!
Brittany @beelow
March 29, 2020
Your Welcome!
That's all I got.
Eleanor @hadiahjordan
January 19, 2020
Repeat workout for sure!
Yes his pace is fast, and usually it's a bit too fast for me. This was perfect. I used 2lb weights, though I wish I'd had 3lbs, 5lbs would have definitely been too heavy (for me). LOVED the combos and how he keep burning out different muscles groups so i never had to stop because I was too tired. Jake is great. Period.
Meghan @muncapher
January 18, 2020
Oh my God!
I only can say: ouch! Thank you!
Claudia Andrade @caandrade
January 15, 2020
Jake! So nasty!
That was soooo hard but sooo good! I thought I was strong starting with 2kg but had to drop down to 1kg for those straight out side extensions....and man, those pulses!!! So nasty! Loved it!
MelC @Melcollinsy
January 10, 2020
That was hard but niceee!
Thx, I loved it!
DiCso @DiCso
January 09, 2020
Great work out
Beginning, so only 1 lb or no weight depending on the exercise and past injuries. Jake goes way fast and counting does not seem to go with reps most of the time, so I just did what I could. I will do it again.
Marie @marierdrake
January 09, 2020
Killer arm workout
That was tough. Great workout. I look forward to getting to where I can do the whole thing holding weights which I couldn't do this time.
vla.08 @vla.08
January 09, 2020
Great Arm Burn
This was a great arm burner, a lot of moves I have never tried before which was great! He went a little fast and the lowest weights I had were 8lb so some of the moves I had to modify. Definitely could have done better with lower weights. Still a good one!
Melanie @melaniestef
January 08, 2020
Ouch β€” in a good way!
As usual, the pace of Jake’s workouts is what makes it super challenging. I don’t know how anyone can really keep up with him! I think he likes it that way hee hee. I used 2-lb weights and it was plenty to still feel the burn with all of the repetitive movements.
Alli Tidwell @allibtidwell
January 07, 2020
Use 3 pound weights!
I used 5 pounds and could not get through all of these moves! Need lighter weights!
Melanie @melvaughn
January 07, 2020
Jakes Awesome Arm Workout
Good arm workout and cardio too going to feel this in the morning.
mtasampson @mtasampson
January 03, 2020
more arms than abs
As usual Jake finds interesting ways to work the body. Definitely one of those workouts where you feel like you can take the next day off because this one is so effective. Still waiting for a better stretch though. Dude, you are a dancer, give us your stretching routine please!
akoko @akoko
December 31, 2019