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Day 10: 30-Minute Full-Body Blast Workout

4.7 Stars · 11 Reviews

Get ready to embrace the burn with two circuits that combine full-body strength and cardio moves. This is your hardest workout yet, so listen to your body and take breaks as needed. You’ll have another chance to give this workout your all on Day 18.

Equipment needed:

  • 2 medium dumbbells

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.7 | 11 Reviews
Very nice full body toning session
I expected more cardio moves given the word 'blast' in the title, but this felt more like a nice strength-training session to me. Really loved all the moves and Anna's guidance. I'm not a beginner to pop-sugar workouts so this felt moderate to me in a very nice way. Will be doing this again on days where I want a feel-good burn that doesn't destroy me.
Lauren Roberts @LaurenECRoberts
December 04, 2020
loved it
One of my faves..a challenge but a good one
claire @clairebeynon
May 13, 2020
30-Minute Full-Body Blast Workout
Great work out but the video kept freezing?
Nicole @Petitecubaine
May 11, 2020
Hard but worth it !
Omg that was hard. I feel like I didn't do all the moves right, so I'm glad that we're going to do this workout again !
Julie Archambault @juar946
May 09, 2020
Body fully blasted!
One of my favs in this program. Love how it challenges my entire body!
Jami Brandli @jamibrandli
May 07, 2020
This was REALLY HARD! But it was a great workout!
Sonya @songjax
October 29, 2019
Feeling Strong!
This was a great workout! I definitely worked my whole body.
Alison @alison
October 21, 2019 Colorado
great stability workout
Michaela @misahorakova09
October 12, 2019
Focus on arms and shoulderd
Too much focus on arms and shoulders, not enough on lower body, unfortunately ☹️
Berkhoutwlm @Berkhoutwlm
September 04, 2019
Full Body Blast
Love the moves in this workout. The balancing and stability work was especially great.
Heather @heatherraewrites
August 22, 2019
Crystal6000 @Crystal6000
August 07, 2019