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Yoga to Help You Feel Better

4.9 Stars · 9 Reviews
Namaste away your broken heart with this yoga sequence to help you heal from a breakup.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 9 Reviews
Very quick stretches!
These were very fast stretches! Felt good but a longer time in each stretch would have been better for my body! Just my opinion tho
August 10, 2020
Quick, effective and feels good! Thanks.
Sandra @Jennysmom
August 04, 2020
Speedy stretching
Quick wind down flow
Shell @ShellD
July 22, 2020
Relaxing and energizing
Nice stretch, loved it!
meli @Melim
May 26, 2020
Quick and easy
Quick easy flow and stretch. Thank you.
Nicola Harrop @RunNicRun
May 17, 2020
Nice Wind-Down
Good to do after work. I have a desk job and currently work from home. I don't have a great chair, so some sort of yoga is necessary at the end of the day. This works perfect for days I'm too tired to put in 30+ minutes.
Candace @thechawkes
April 28, 2020
easy and quick flow
simple and effective for when you just want a bit of a stretch and elevated heartrate. i like the twists!
Cristina @cristinaruiz11
April 23, 2020
Feels great after my run!
This is my go-to yoga video following any type of running workout. I love the stretches and it helps bring my heart rate down.
Emily Reinhardt @emrein20
April 14, 2020
Great Stretch
Perfect for in a hurry but still want to do SOMEthing. Good stretches, quick pace. Perfect for a good pre-bed stretch!
April 06, 2020