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Sculpt Your Butt and Legs With This 30-Minute Victoria's Secret Toning Workout

4.9 Stars · 24 Reviews
You don't need any equipment for this workout, so press play and fire up your glutes with these concentrated moves.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 24 Reviews
May 31, 2023
Great workout. I LOVE IT.
Camila @Camila3
March 01, 2023 USA
It took me a few times to get all the new moves right as they are so different from many 'classic' workouts It really is harder than it looks because the speed is so low This is one of my go to workout favorites for legs now
Lolinloggen @Active2Stay
January 13, 2022
Great early morning workout....the pace was perfect.
Poornima @PoornimaD
November 26, 2021
Butt and Strech
Perfect either every morning or just after spending too much time seated on a chair. Love the calm of the Coach !
Adeline @A2
August 08, 2021
Excellent workout
Fantastic butt, leg and ab the controlled movements. Will do it again...
roxanne @MickeyMoo16
May 06, 2021 Victoria, BC Canada
It's absolutely a focused exercise exclusively for the butt.
Johann @johann
March 31, 2021
When I opened I was'nt expecting this kind of workout, never did something like this! Haha, it was "wierd", but effective! :P
Catarina Branco @csanjosbranco
February 24, 2021 Lisbon, Portugal
good workout
stretch and work :)
Giulia @giuliafreitas
November 18, 2020
love this workout
it`s great
Pavlina @pavlinaziso
August 02, 2020
Great workout. Thank you.
The workout was awesome and tough for me but was managed to do. :)
Symbol @symbol
July 30, 2020
Different kind of leg workout
Loved that this workout was different from other butt specific workouts that feel like just 40 minutes of squats. Lots of good tips and good explanation of the moves. It works so many different muscles. Thank you!
Maria @madamidoue
July 15, 2020
Sculpt Your Butt and Legs With This 30-Minute Victoria's Secret Toning Workout
Very Good!
Young @Y
July 01, 2020
Best Workout
Amazing, super clear and hard! I was sweating my butt off.
Marcela Rollemberg @marcelaroll
June 24, 2020
Stay fitt:D
It was awsam:D favorite video. Thanks a lot:)
Petra @r.petra13
May 25, 2020
easy to follow, nicely explained
Spinder Samra @spinder
May 18, 2020
lovely stretch
liked the way it lengthens the body.
May 06, 2020
good stretch
cueing was not clear- I think I may have worked my right side throughout. I would have preferred clearer language (Right leg extend, left leg lifts)
JB @jessbot
April 29, 2020
Love this track! Really worked my butt and legs, bonus abs.
Maria @msfrankel
April 21, 2020
Perfect to strengthen and lengthen
This is a great combination of moves to lengthen and tone your leg and butt muscles that may not get used as often. It's also a great workout for either a rest day or to go through while watching TV.
Erin @eesprouse52
April 20, 2020
I am a barre class fanatic, but I found this workout to be amazing. P really emphasized working slow to really feel every motion and boy I sure did. Now I see why so many celebs love the Pvolve workout. Thanks for this Popsugar!
Samantha @srittendale
April 13, 2020
Felt freaking awesome
During and after i felt amazing, the stretching and the difficulty was perfect especially for me since i’ve had 2 ACL surgeries. This one is my favorite.
laura polanco rudd @lauraapolanco
April 08, 2020
Yoga meets leg day
great stretching throughout and you feel the muscle activation
Lexi @abetsock
April 03, 2020
Great workout. I LOVE IT.
Enslyn Bonilla @Ens23
March 22, 2020