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No Weights Needed For This Arm-Toning Workout

5.0 Stars · 7 Reviews
We know you're busy and that you work out on the go, so we created a quick plan to sculpt sleek arms without weights.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 7 Reviews
so hard!
did it in my living room. woof!
Lilli Passero @lilpas
April 02, 2021
Jenny’s mom
Perfect finisher to add on to another quick workout. Efficient. Thanks.
Sandra @Jennysmom
June 02, 2020
nice finish!
added this after a full body tabata, great way to end my workout!
Jessica Martinez @jessica17mtz
May 03, 2020
perfect workout
... in the living room or in the backyard
Heide Hüller @heide.hueller
April 13, 2020
straight to the point!
Great succinct feel the burn right away!
Rachel Skolnick @rachsko
March 24, 2020
fab workout and great fun!
great to end a workout
Rachel @mcauleyr
March 19, 2020
Great addition to other workouts
I wouldn't do this on its own, and that's not what it's meant for. But as part of a full body series, it is fantastic for focus on arms with a bit of abs as well!
Denise @expatexerciser
March 18, 2020