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Day 1: 10-Minute Inner-Thigh Workout

4.5 Stars · 8 Reviews

We're kicking off your 2-Week Tone-Up: Strong & Sexy Legs with this quick cardio and toning workout that focuses on your inner thighs, which are often a part of our legs that don't get worked enough. Even though it's just 10 minutes, moves like scissor jacks, gate swings, and sumo squat hops will have you feeling the results of your work tomorrow.

Equipment needed: none

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.5 | 8 Reviews
Great targeted workout
I felt the burn in my thighs for sure! Very effective
Melodie @MSlightningtwirl
January 27, 2023
true to title
great short exercise targeting inner thighs.
Jana @JanaK86
May 29, 2020
Great start
Excited to see the result!
Anna Alikhani @anna_a64a
May 11, 2020
Short but strong exercise
I really liked it
Teresa @teresamrisso
May 06, 2020
Es duro de vez en cuando pero sin duda se puedee hacer. Sรบper recomendable.
maria macchione @belumacchione
March 25, 2020
thanks a lot it was nice
Sarah Emad @sarah_99
March 23, 2020
Lots happening in 10 min.
This was great. I didn't have a lot of time this morning but I wanted to feel like I did something and this was great. I was a bit breathless at times and my inner thighs were definitely activated.
akoko @akoko
November 17, 2019