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45-Minute Jabs by Gina Kickboxing Workout

3.9 Stars · 22 Reviews

Get ready for an intensely challenging and fun kickboxing-inspired workout with Jabs by Gina. You’ll get your heart rate up with combos that include boxing and bodyweight exercises. Gina’s infectious energy will inspire you to push past your limits and power through moves like single-leg burpees! This will be the hardest workout of your week but you’ll leave this 45-minute session feeling so accomplished.

Difficulty: Advanced

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Overall Rating
3.9 | 22 Reviews
No, thanks
Too 'performative," obnoxious behavior, too much talking, too much in your face.
Judy Barringer @JBBerlin
December 21, 2020
To much talking
I didn’t like it she was doing to much talking and not enough working out. I was lost a lot of times because I didn’t know what I was suppose to be doing because she was talking to much instead of talking about the workout
Megan @megnew9148
October 06, 2020
Hard to follow at times
I did the work out till the end but felt like there was no structure and struggled to follow but really enjoyed the ABS though.
Xolley @Xolley
June 18, 2020
I totally loved her energy!! The reason for the two rating was the workout was chaotic at times which made it hard to follow along.
Kita @keepitsxy
June 15, 2020
Totally loved it
really did some work on my Abbs xx
@Joanne 7773
June 07, 2020
Where'd it go?
Was this video removed?
Shira @shironzo
June 04, 2020
I totally agree with Sonia.
Katalin Babelláné Lukács @papucsella
June 04, 2020
Unfortunately chaotic
This training could have been really intense, efficient and advanced without all this comments and close-ups. Unfortunately, it was pretty chaotic. The training lacked coordination. The playlist was not organized. I much prefer a trainer who trains with me instead of talking to the camera.
Myriam Leduc @myriamleduc0
June 04, 2020
ADVANCED jabs and abs
This was more of a fusion of boxing, dance and plyometrics than a strict boxing workout. Lots of abs sets. The instructor is energetic and bubbly but cues can be hard to follow so maybe watch through once and then take it on. It’s challenging and feels good to finish.
Julia @fitpossum
June 02, 2020
So awesome!
This workout was so intense and fun! I will definitely be doing this one again! :)
kate Hutchinson @kate2004
May 28, 2020
Love it!
Camila Cornejo @cornejocamila1
May 25, 2020
This is, by far, the least satisfactory training that I found here. The exercises were advanced, and this was fine, but there was definitely too much talking for my taste. In fact, there was so much talking that I was not sure whether, at a given moment, it is a training time or already a break and when there is a switch to another exercise. I also did not appreciate so many close-ups - I am more interested in checking and correcting my form than looking at the trainer's bra.
Sonia Janion @Sosia719
May 24, 2020
Can't breathe. Will be back many times!
Breanna Strickland @breanna718
May 23, 2020
loved it!
thank you!
Kathryn @kchu930
May 23, 2020
Leaves Me Feeling Strong
I absolutely love this workout. Having gotten into shadow boxing and cardio boxing lately I love that this workout incorporates those elements. The abs section of the workout is INTENSE but in a good way that leaves you feeling strong and capable, if a bit sweaty. I love the instructor's attitude and coaching throughout. She's uplifting and reflective, making you dig a bit deeper than you thought you could. Overall, great workout!
Nadine @nm.lindskog
May 21, 2020
Most Intense workout I've come across in a long time
Wow, that worked me hard! I'm getting back into my fitness journey and this pushed me to the limit. Not quite ready to attempt those ONE LEGGED BURPEES quite yet, but I did modify with normal ones. Also, I wish there was more of a cool down after all that intensity. Overall, I'll definitely be back to try this again.
Jaclyn Turner @jaclynturner94
May 19, 2020
Hard, worthwhile
This will definitely challenge you. First time I've ever done a single leg burpee! I had to modify one of the ab moves and I almost never modify.
Sasha @gymbunny
May 19, 2020
Love it! Loved the energy, wish she would have offered more modifications…
Margarita Alzate @malzateb
May 18, 2020
Fire 🔥🔥🔥
Amazing, challenging, killer, fun!!!! Thank you!!!
veronica @vbaby623
May 18, 2020
Intense but amazing
What a way to start a Monday! Intense but feel amazing after!
Gemma Doku @gemx
May 18, 2020
Challenging & Fun!
Excellent workout! Gina keeps you motivated.
Danielle @dmcaneney
May 18, 2020
This workout was really intense but it was worth it!
Mariana @marianarm
May 18, 2020