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30-Minute Vixen Dance Workout

4.9 Stars · 16 Reviews
You need no equipment for this fun, sexy workout led by the founder of Vixen Workout.
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 16 Reviews
Engaging from start to finish! Especially if you are new to cardio. Tried others but never got to finish them, But this kept me going till the end! The varied moves, the ease of learning the moves and choice of music as well helps. Well done Janet Jones PS I would like to know where you got your Crop Top with the thumb holes.
September 05, 2021
Vixen workout
The best gets me out of my comfort zone.
Maria Zulic @Queen4816
December 29, 2020 Flushing NY
Great for beginners
Easy to follow routine with fun moves. Great cardio for routine for apartment dwellers who don't want to be jumping around like crazy and bothering neighbours.
Joanna C @JCastle
August 22, 2020
Awesome workout! Thanks you
It's fun and full body workout. Thanks girls!
Halissa @halissa
July 22, 2020 Paris
Love it!
I really love this workout!
Tamar @TamTes
July 03, 2020
So much fun, and a great calorie burner
This dance workout was so great! It wasn't repetitive so you didn't get bored and it was challenging too, and I dance regularly. The moves were really sexy and fierce and got my heart rate going. I loved the small sections, they kept it interesting. The teacher is gorgeous and I loved her style. Can't wait to do it again! My fitness watch said I burnt 364 calories so I'm very happy!
Yazzmin Newell @Yazzmin
June 11, 2020
Great workout!
Anabela Paes Fernandes @belapaes
May 27, 2020
so much fun!
Good cardio workout! Easy to follow, good pace, nice moves! Pretty sure not every move was as sexy as they make it look bus still fun to do!
Daphne @daphneverheule
May 16, 2020 the netherlands
lovely workout!
intense, fun and rejuvenating!
Cate @catie
May 04, 2020
It breaks your breathe!
Nice one, new and different style In the first 10 minutes you already lose your breathe: it is based on coordination, breathe and sensuality. Good one!
Noemi @namydust
April 18, 2020 Budapest
sasssy workout
loved the session
April 18, 2020
The Bomb
Love every moves
Akosua ANANE @leoloful
April 06, 2020
Very sexy
Learned sexy moves and worked out at once, nice one!
Joy @choiahoi
April 06, 2020 Vienna
different and fun
Really enjoyed wow! Feel better immediately Thank you!!!!!
Dalia Saliamonas @dalia
April 02, 2020
I really loved it!!!
Anjali Mishra @_anjali_12
March 29, 2020
So much fun
I really enjoyed this workout! I learned some great new dance moves and got a full body workout. You can’t beat that!πŸ˜€
Sandra @smatthewsims
March 28, 2020