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30-Minute No-Equipment Full-Body Toning Workout

4.9 Stars · 15 Reviews

 Fitness and dance expert Nicole Steen makes sure you hit every muscle in your body in this 30-minute no-equipment workout. Nicole alternates between toning moves and cardio bursts while standing, then brings you down to the mat for the workout's second half. Expect to feel the burn from top to bottom with this one!

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 15 Reviews
Great workout and instructor!
Fun and challenging workout. I enjoyed Nicole's energy, and loved how she had us mirroring her (our left, her right.). I can tell that comes from her dance training.
Hayley Fremont @Hayleyaf
April 22, 2022
Full Body workout
Looks very deceiving but she gets all your muscles working! Every muscles feels the burn. No repeated moves and she does not take forever explaining the moves to you. No wasted time:)
Winnie @winnieworkingout
March 02, 2021
Really total body workout
I really like this workout - it seems not so difficult, but it hits every muscle. And I feel awesome.
September 25, 2020
Total body burner
Efficient workout. Everything gets attention and all done in 30mins. Great one to have on a “don’t feel like it today “ day.
Julia @fitpossum
August 29, 2020
No muscle left out
Definitely not a beginner's workout, but I really enjoyed it. The moves are very diverse, working multiple muscles at once, the pace was fast but doable. Altogether a great workout!
Noemi Varga @varga2noemi
May 05, 2020
Total body burnout!!!!
Great total body burnout!!!!!
Stacy Lee Damsgaard @sdamsgaard
April 10, 2020
Great workout
Thanks for this quarantine training!
Catalina Parada @catalina91218
April 08, 2020
Greaty workout
Man did I work!
goodwin @joe
April 08, 2020
Difficult but doable
Starts deceptively easy...but watch out, the burn catches up with you! This works every muscle in your body and definitely pushed me to my edge with every move...still, I was able to get through it and feel amazing now that I'm done.
Lauren Roberts @LaurenECRoberts
April 07, 2020
Good workout !
Loved the energy of this workout ! My legs are burning this morning..! Also a great work for abs and obliques, that's really good.
Zoe @Zoe_MD
April 05, 2020
Good workout
I would say this is really not a beginner workout but there are modifications for beginners. I was sweating at the end. I really is a full body workout. Only downside is she goes from one move to another and by the time you figure out what she is doing you have missed some. All in all I really enjoyed it.
Karen White @KarenW
April 04, 2020
Amazing this workout!!
I’n feel tired, but happy!!
Roberta @roberta9915
April 04, 2020
Great burn!
Enjoyed it very much! I think it's more an intermediate workout but has many modifications for all levels.
Julia Shnayder @jshnaymor
April 04, 2020
Full-body workout to do anywhere
I really liked this one - it's a good mixture of strength and cardio. You work pretty much your entire body, including back and obliques which are often missed.
Cristina @cristinaruiz11
March 30, 2020
Loved this workout!
I'm feeling great after this workout!
Deb @Princess40
March 29, 2020