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30-Minute Dance Workout With Ellen Kim

4.3 Stars · 4 Reviews

Dance it out with Ellen Kim! You’ll spend 30 minutes grooving to the beat with easy-to-follow dance moves that will also tone your muscles.

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.3 | 4 Reviews
Awesome looved it
really liked it
naomi @bookluvr123
July 22, 2020
I did it all, but was hard to follow
Hard to follow! She's energetic but her moves are not always on beat with the music and it's kinda disjointed. I didn't sweat as much as I usually do with the popsugar workouts.
Jodi @Jodiautumn
July 10, 2020
I did it!
This is so much fun, definitely recommended...
Debora Widyastuti @belajar7berdoa
July 03, 2020
I really enjoyed this dance workout, thank u!!!!!
Melanie @melanieroa
June 25, 2020