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30-Minute Core-Crusher Workout

5.0 Stars · 13 Reviews

Join LIT Method cofounders Justin and Taylor Norris for a high-intensity workout to strengthen your core in just 30 minutes. Expect squats, planks, and bicycles to get your heart rate up as you work your muscles. To take it up a level, use a mini band for extra resistance.

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 13 Reviews
Killer workout!
I trued my best to keep up and was sweating like crazy! Loved it! Thank you for this workout!
Swathi @swathibala90
December 14, 2021
Hard but great!
JD @joannadelo
January 28, 2021
great! when the new classes?
great! when the new classes?
veronica @verosalaza
November 22, 2020
that's great!!!
this video so great for fat man. _________ hiim ducking from https://www.khosango.com/
khosango @khosango
November 20, 2020
Always worth it!
Great work out, short and sweet, to the point. Delivered on core crushing. The LIT method is excellent, low impact doesn’t mean easy, it’s a great way to push yourself while being kind to your knees. Love these guys, they motivate me to keep going and to reach those fitness goal. Always love working out with them, it’s always worth it.
Paida @paida22000
October 01, 2020
Excellent, low impact workout
Love the Taylors, awesome couple that keeps me motivated...
roxanne @MickeyMoo16
September 25, 2020 Victoria, BC Canada
Thank you Justin and Taylor!
Another great workout. I had a little trouble hearing your clearly so cueing was not as good as usual. I know you said what was coming next, but it was hard to hear clearly. Maybe it was the different room you were in and there were more hard surfaces (no sofa or carpet to absorb the sound). There was an echo in the room which made it harder to hear clearly. Not the volume, but clarity. Other than that, you made me sweat! Happy Birthday Taylor!
D Koo @Notolady
September 21, 2020
Good Sweat at home
Would love love love a couple of changes: Horizontal format please Preview of the next exercise so we can prep. The view didn't allow for me to see the full work out, especially when I think we were doing mountain climber. Maybe if one of you was facing camera and the other was side facing, we can see more. Again, horizontal format would help solve. Great energy, positive spirit and I will try more videos. Thank you.
Karena Dacker @karenastar
September 10, 2020
Low impact does NOT mean low intensity!
I love Taylor and Justin-- they have amazing chemistry both as a couple and as trainers! #relationshipgoals AND #workoutgoals. I love the low impact, high intensity style.
Erin Clemence @ErinClemence
September 09, 2020
loved it
Love finding out I'm stronger than I think and getting that push to be better. Loved the reminder to check in with yourself at the end ❤️ thank you for the great workout
Jessica Marshall @rangamum
September 07, 2020
Great challenging workout.
September 05, 2020
A lot of yelling, but a great workoit
You need to try it
September 05, 2020
I died!
I really liked this. My only suggestion is in the warm up we should do something to stretch out the hips. Doing any ab hold starts to kill my hips. I paused the video briefly and did extended child's pose to stretch them super quick and was totally fine after! Thank you for this! It's definitely what I needed today!
Krystle @Kstar7
September 04, 2020