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30 Minute Live Core & Cardio Workout with Charlee Atkins

5.0 Stars · 13 Reviews

30 Minute Live Core & Cardio Workout with Charlee Atkins

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 13 Reviews
Loved it!
Thank you for this workout! Really felt the burn and got my heart pumping and body sweating.
Maya Tanner @MayaTanner
August 25, 2020
Charlee is the best!
Love all her workouts!! Charlee is so great about being clear about form so you can prevent against injuries. Her knowledge really comes through! Also how does she talk the whole time during these?? Impressive and so appreciated!! It really flies by.
Coreen Kopper @coreenkopper
June 11, 2020
Great workout and instructor!
Charlee is awesome at explaining her workouts thoroughly, every single detail, and I appreciate that she kept us in constant check on the time. I love her vibrant energy. This workout flew by and made me sweat for sure!
Shea @shea.renne
June 04, 2020
Highly recommended
Great workout burn lots of calories. charlee is a very energetic trainer. Love her
Ingrid @Ingrid13
May 02, 2020
One of my faves
Enjoy her workouts so much! Her cues and explanations are well timed, so i spend way less time stopping to see the screen and more time on the actual workout
Ruth @truthruth
May 01, 2020
Great Instructor
Has modifications and gives constant cues on proper form. Really enjoy her classes even if they kill me.
Stella Duffy @Ellisxyz
April 18, 2020
any workout is welcome
Bring it all love your energy!
kristina frederick @klfnwf
April 18, 2020
ok! Awesome!
My friend and I just did your workout via zoom. We're being good citizens and socially distancing but still trying to get our SWEAT ON. You kicked A$$$$$$$!
Yaz @theycallmeyaz
April 10, 2020 Brooklyn, NY
The time flew by. This trainer is very energetic and knowledgeable:)
Katherine @kframp
April 10, 2020
Great workout!
This is the style of workout I realy like!
Martina @MartinaBond
April 10, 2020
Soo worth it!
Absolutely loved this workout. Charlee is fantastic. Such great energy and very encouraging
Sinenhlanhla Mambi @callmesine
April 09, 2020
i recommend!
Got really sweaty with this one! I highly recommend. Thank you Charlee!
Katerina @kattyparis
April 08, 2020
The workout was awesome. Got the heart rate going and truly enjoyed every moment. Thank you Popsugar for the excellent workouts you present!!!
April 08, 2020