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30 Minute Live Core & Cardio Workout with Charlee Atkins

5.0 Stars · 11 Reviews

30 Minute Live Core & Cardio Workout with Charlee Atkins

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 11 Reviews
Great workout and instructor!
Charlee is awesome at explaining her workouts thoroughly, every single detail, and I appreciate that she kept us in constant check on the time. I love her vibrant energy. This workout flew by and made me sweat for sure!
Shea @shea.renne
June 04, 2020
Highly recommended
Great workout burn lots of calories. charlee is a very energetic trainer. Love her
Ingrid @Ingrid13
May 02, 2020
One of my faves
Enjoy her workouts so much! Her cues and explanations are well timed, so i spend way less time stopping to see the screen and more time on the actual workout
Ruth @truthruth
May 01, 2020
Great Instructor
Has modifications and gives constant cues on proper form. Really enjoy her classes even if they kill me.
Stella Duffy @Ellisxyz
April 18, 2020
any workout is welcome
Bring it all love your energy!
kristina frederick @klfnwf
April 18, 2020
ok! Awesome!
My friend and I just did your workout via zoom. We're being good citizens and socially distancing but still trying to get our SWEAT ON. You kicked A$$$$$$$!
Yaz @theycallmeyaz
April 10, 2020 Brooklyn, NY
The time flew by. This trainer is very energetic and knowledgeable:)
Katherine @kframp
April 10, 2020
Great workout!
This is the style of workout I realy like!
Martina @MartinaBond
April 10, 2020
Soo worth it!
Absolutely loved this workout. Charlee is fantastic. Such great energy and very encouraging
Sinenhlanhla Mambi @callmesine
April 09, 2020
i recommend!
Got really sweaty with this one! I highly recommend. Thank you Charlee!
Katerina @kattyparis
April 08, 2020
The workout was awesome. Got the heart rate going and truly enjoyed every moment. Thank you Popsugar for the excellent workouts you present!!!
April 08, 2020