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20-Minute Toned Arms & Abs Workout

5.0 Stars · 23 Reviews

Barry's trainer Astrid Swan brings you the ultimate combination of multitasking arm and abs exercises. This workout will target both areas for an effective and efficient workout in just 20 minutes! Grab a pair of light free weights and let's do it!

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 23 Reviews
Missing Warm-up, but felt my arms!
I definitely felt the work my arms were getting in this workout, but really prefer workouts that include both a warm-up and a cool down. I work out first thing in the morning and am usually stiff from a night of sleep. I like when the videos warm my body up for the workout I'm about to do.
November 01, 2021
No time wasted!
Great workout with no time wasted!
Colleen Zoltowski @czoltows
July 13, 2020 NJ
Great short workout!!
Loved this workout, short and effective
Hagar Pikkel @HagarP
July 08, 2020
Quick workout
Quick workout that gets the job done. It doesn't feel super intense but I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow. I also hope to be increasing the weight.
Merily Hernandez @mhernandez
June 24, 2020
Flex those arms
Just did this as a lunchtime workout. I was looking for strength, as opposed to cardio. This fit the bill. I didn't sweat, but this was a challenge (especially since I tend to work muscles that are already strong like legs and glutes). I used a set of 10s for most of the class, but dropped to 5s for the tricep kickbacks. Have options available nearby.
Candace @thechawkes
May 20, 2020
Great quick workout
Arms are always the toughest, but this was perfect to kick my butt (or arms I guess)
May 14, 2020
Super Fast Arm & Ab Combo Workout!
I really liked this fast, efficient, though still challenging arm and ab workout! Definitely have a pair of light and heavier weights nearby to transition out when needed. I used 5 & 10-lb weights and still felt the burn and arm fatigue! Perfect to start or end your workout session when paired with another workout session! Greatly recommend this and would do it again!
Trang Chuong @thiminh8
May 13, 2020
Sneaks up on you
The pace is slow and controlled, but don't let that fool you. It really burns out the arms!
Annalise Lowenstein @amantz
April 08, 2020
Great burn!!
Perfect for when you don't have much time.
Tara @blacktl10
April 01, 2020
Great for start using heavier weights every time
Next week I will add bit more weigh, loved it
Lizza pulido @felizza__
March 31, 2020
Strenght and full body
Girls.... you were magnificent!!
goodwin @joe
March 31, 2020
Well done!
It seems relaxing, but actually it works well on your arms a lot! Will suggest to add this 20 mins workout to some other workout in order to have a full body session!
Noemi @namydust
March 30, 2020 Budapest
A lot for minimal time
Great workout hitting muscle groups of abs and arms.
Susan Krafcheck @susankr
March 26, 2020
Really Effective
First time doing this arm workout and really appreciated the thought behind how all of these worked together to give us a seamless workout hitting on major arm muscles WHILE working on our abs. Definitely worth doing!
Elaine @elainescott
March 26, 2020
Good mid day quick work out
Just what I was looking for!
Frank @afrank262
March 26, 2020
Great Arm & Ab quick workout
Great when you are short on time or as an add on.
Michelle Mallett @Shell5
March 25, 2020
Great supplement to other workouts!
I wanted a bit more arm and ab focus after another workout and this was perfect. Definitely recommend having lighter weights on hand to switch
Denise @expatexerciser
March 25, 2020
Great add on to a 30min cardio
I am using lighter weights so I can combine this with other 20-30min workout. Just the right number of breaks and reps.
lavanya @lavdj
March 25, 2020
Very important
Now that we're closed at home bacause of this terrible virus, these workouts are even more important. Thank you very much,
Cristina Lopes @Lolita
March 24, 2020
great workout!
Definitely tires those muscles out! Recommend a lighter weight to start!
Jamie Curcio @curcio.jamie
March 23, 2020
Great for when you are short on time!
March 21, 2020
Quick but can feel it working! Loved it
Ava @avasteir
March 20, 2020
Great workout!
This was a great workout! I love how much it can be modified--perfect for me & my body!
Mackenzie @mackenzie10133
February 08, 2020