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10-Minute Supermodel Stretch

4.7 Stars · 7 Reviews
This 10-minute active stretch session will give your body the love it deserves. The do-anywhere stretch session requires no equipment either — just a space for you to lie down in!
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.7 | 7 Reviews
Not beginner
I liked it except for the side plank move. I’m a beginner and would have loved a modifier for that one 😊
May 26, 2020
strength and strecht
A lot in ten minutes, i loved it
Alba Bertolini Forno @alba
May 08, 2020
Great way to loosen muscles pre-workout
short but effective pre or post workout.
May 05, 2020
relaxing energy
This workout helps with your breath and stretching!
Cate @catie
May 03, 2020
Great to follow up post cardio with this routine
Instruction kept it simple but effective. I did this following a 30 minute tabata session and felt so good afterwards,
Katrina Williams @katrinawilliams333
April 28, 2020 Cardiff, UK
Excellent add on to a class
I used this after a cardio class, and felt i needed the additional stretching.
claire @clairebeynon
April 02, 2020
so simple but so awesome
This was awesome to add at the end of a sweaty workout. Who knew such simple moves could be so effective!
Samantha @srittendale
April 01, 2020