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During my first international solo trip, I made the mistake of arriving at 1am. In hindsight, this was a really bad idea. It’s scary enough arriving into foreign country alone, let alone at nighttime. It’s alot easier to gain your composure, arrange transportation, and stay safe during the daytime. Download maps of the cities you’re going to so you can access GPS without data. I also shared my Google Maps location, which tracks you without data, so if anything were to happen my family and friends could possibly know where I was. —patriciarosswog While it’s important to acknowledge your fears around traveling alone, it’s just as crucial to set rules and expectations for yourself. If there’s something you’re simply not comfortable doing without the presence of a travel buddy, then don’t. Solo traveling can be a rewarding experience and you are already defying the odds you’ve placed against yourself just by embarking on this journey. Don’t push yourself past your limits if you don’t want to. When I travel solo, I typically don’t stay out very late after dark because I don’t feel as safe as I would if a friend was with me. Figure out what your rules are and stick to them.&;