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Tone Your Abs and Arms With This Quick No-Equipment Workout

4.6 Stars · 10 Reviews

Who doesn't have 12 minutes to get sculpted arms and a toned core? Fitness trainer Amy Rosoff Davis, who has gotten celebrities like Selena Gomez in top shape, is in the studio. Get fit with her at home in less time than it takes to pack your gym bag! Grab a mat and follow along with this low-impact workout, no equipment needed. Find more from Amy on:

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.6 | 10 Reviews
Full Body
I feel like this is a whole body workout. It is worth it.
Camila @camila.elias
April 15, 2021
Few minutes to killed your arms
October 04, 2020
Good for core and legs - not arms!
This was a good workout but not what I was looking for, which was arms and is what the title states. The last move has a lot of switches/parts to it which is fine, but I think there are other simpler moves that achieve the same effect.
Emma Caplan @EmmaC16
September 01, 2020
So hard but was good, had me really sweating almost immediately
Emma @emcdonald676
May 29, 2020
Quick but good
Enjoyed this quick workout, great pre shower activity. Got the heart pumping and muscles working. I would absolutely do this again.
Wobbs @wendywobbs
May 06, 2020
good quick workout but expected more arm
it's more of a quick full body workout than core and arms-focused.
Alexa Dolendo @lexadol
May 03, 2020
Quick but effective
Very good workout. Fast but you exercise the whole body 💪💪
Ilia @ilia
April 30, 2020
Great Short Workout
Loved how quick but effective it was, i'm definitely sweating!!
MSaff @msaffer
April 23, 2020
I'm sucking air...thanks!!!
goodwin @joe
April 14, 2020
eloise tutterow @eloisetut
March 20, 2020