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This 30-Minute Latin Dance Workout Is Hot!

5.0 Stars · 41 Reviews
You don't need any equipment for this dance workout and modifications are provided.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 41 Reviews
πŸ’ƒ Dance
This one is an actual dance workout. Thank you! 😊
February 03, 2022
This was soooo fun, lot of hip work hahah!
Amber Chowdhury @AmberChowdhury
January 26, 2021
Super fun and effective
I've loved this workout! it's truly about dance. I had fun and a lot of sweat :)
martina @martylafayette
October 03, 2020
Great workout
Was defintely worth the time and it was so much fun that it didn't seem like a workout
September 26, 2020
Super Fun!
This was a very fun class with very doable moves. Love Nicole's upbeat personality. I added this class to my faves.
August 05, 2020
Great workout!
I would love to see more classes like this one: latin dance is so much fun!
Tamar @TamTes
June 26, 2020
Fun workout
I have been attending Zuma classes before the shut down and I found this workout to be great and I will certainly work out with it again. I am also looking at other dance routines so I can combine two to make it an hour.
Karen @kannt503
June 22, 2020
I loved this so much!
Emily Sweer @emmymaye
June 22, 2020
Fun & Great workout
Easy to follow and they keep you high motivated!
Rosa @robra
June 16, 2020
Fun Workout
My daughter and I did this together. We had a lot of fun and I was sweating by the end of it. Thank you!
Lisa Schaeffer @lisas
June 06, 2020
Great workout
Can we please have more like these?? This is my favorite of all the videos on Popsugar!
Renata Sanchez @renatads
May 12, 2020
Fun and dynamic!
It was very fun and you can really adapt it to your desired level of intensity.
Ana @anamendoza
May 12, 2020
thank you girls, so much fun and cardio on fire!
May 05, 2020
Great! Gives me that get up and go for the rest of the day!
Gin @Gingar
May 01, 2020
So fun
Love it 😁
Nokwazi Aura Parkies @auraparkies
April 30, 2020
So much fun!
I adore this workout. I have already done it 4 times!
samantha @samyfv
April 27, 2020
Loved it!
enjoyed it great fun
Alaina Dingwall @Alaina
April 22, 2020
Love it !!!
This workout is so much fun!
Christelle El Khoury @christelle.elk
April 13, 2020
This was AMAZING!
I am always doing Zumba and ever since I started pop sugar I wanted to do a dance workout! I did one this morning and I just did this one and I loved every second of it. Time really flew by and I had so much fun with the different varieties of dances!
Kayla Colon @kayceexo
April 13, 2020
My favourite dance cardio video on Popsugar
If you're a trained dancer you'll still enjoy this video as the choreo is authentic and fun.
Hilary Ready @hilaryready
April 13, 2020
YES girl!
I am so sweaty at the end of this! It’s fun, I love all the different dances, it kept it interesting! Time flew by and I feel so good right now. Thank you!
Lisa Cooke @LiisaD
April 11, 2020
So much fun almost feels like you're not exercising you're having that much fun!
Emily Kenworthy @emclk
April 08, 2020
good and fun
LAURA DEIDDA @spillover
April 07, 2020
What a workout!
That was so awesome! I just love to have a taste of different cultures!
Alexis @Seacat10t
April 06, 2020
Latino Powerhouse
This really brought all of Latin America together in just 30 minutes!!! Such a fun workout!!!!!!!
Anya Nakonechna @anya.nko
April 03, 2020
so fun and good!
wow!!! that was amazing! i was sweating my ass off while having the best time! I'm absolutely gonna add it to my routine!
Nicole gorobets @nickicki
April 03, 2020
I love this one
It's really dancing only. So much fun, so much sweat. Indeed one of my favs :)
Joy @choiahoi
April 03, 2020 Vienna
Good! Good!
Good and funπŸ₯‡
Marie @figueroamarie
April 02, 2020
Amazing workout
Loved it so much... Great moves and great energy from the instructors!
sue @suewang610
April 02, 2020
SO Much Fun!!
I’ve been missing my Zumba and dance classes like crazy since we now have to stay home... This workout was SO much fun and left me feeling happy and energized for the rest of the day.
Kristi Jones @KJfromtheBay
March 30, 2020
I keep reapeating it to learn the moves better and better It is a super workout and super fun Thanks a millon
Dalia Saliamonas @dalia
March 27, 2020
A must
It was so much fun. I got together with 3 other friends and did this at home we had so much fun and ended up dripping in sweat.
Michelle Guzman @michelleg311
March 27, 2020
So fun!
I've been missing my Zumba and this hit the spot. Loved the diversity in music and in moves. They felt familiar and challenging enough to learn something new. I liked that she repeated the moves so you could get used to them. It felt very positive and authentic.
mikal @nolalady
March 26, 2020
Great Class
Great workout, I broke out into a sweat and felt so much better afterwards. I could actually get my endorphins to kick in. Easy to follow moves but you can modify to go big or stay low impact. I really appreciate that fact since I have to do low impact because of physical issues.
Janet Snowden @jksnowden
March 24, 2020
Anuja @anuja
March 24, 2020
Zumba fun
This workout was fun...nice cardio session ...moves were easy to follow as well !
Jessica Leos @jessleos
March 24, 2020
Nice and fun!
Very nice workout, it seems you are dancing, but your butty will thank you for it at the end! Thanks!!! :)
Noemi @namydust
March 23, 2020 Budapest
A really terrific workout in 30 minutes
Lots of fun, simple moves and a quick pace. They work through several Latin rhythms and these women really inspire with the style.
JuanaMaria @juamari
March 22, 2020
love it
Daniela @danielapr98
March 21, 2020
Fun workout
I love that dancing made it so much fun, it did not feel like a workout. The length was also perfect!
Elvira @ElfjeFree
March 20, 2020
Fun and Good Workout
If you are used to going to Zumba classes this is a very similar pace and similar movements. 30 mins was a perfect amount of time.
Eve Harbour @eharbour
March 18, 2020