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Plyometrics + Dance = Plyo Jam

4.3 Stars · 6 Reviews
This quick 10-minute workout requires no equipment. But get ready to get down as you mix some dance moves with some basic plyometrics.
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.3 | 6 Reviews
Kept me moving!
Thanks for a good workout!
July 19, 2023
Quick, effective cardio
A great little class to add on to another cardio class, before or after a strength class or just because!
August 08, 2020
Chaotic hot mess
Was this guy picked off of the street and asked to fill in for someone?! Right when you start a move, the guy goes into the next. I couldn’t bare to do the whole workout!
Janine @Naneen79
May 05, 2020
Short and Intense!
Very good for only 10 minutes!!!!
Victoria Munevar @vickyymunevar
May 01, 2020
great cardio
Fun, fast and easy to follow. I tagged this on after another workout.
fre @FredReynolds
April 14, 2020
fun & fast
I really liked this one. Lots of fun. Fast pace, kept my heart going and out of breath the whole time. Lol. But it was good. Really great when you need a good workout in a short time. Def going to add this one into my mix.
Shannon DiBenedetto @captmemphotos
April 06, 2020