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Detox Yoga

5.0 Stars · 13 Reviews
Build a little internal fire and twist away the the toxins with this yoga sequence we designed to help you recover from a hangover.
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 13 Reviews
arta @arta-flex
February 07, 2024
Just what I needed!
This stretch was quick and was good for my body and mind.
Meg @fitonthehill
November 05, 2023
Nice Easy Stretches
Not too heavy into the twists and gyrations. Easy slow wakeup for tired muscles
April 02, 2023
Great for yoga beginners/stretches
I didn't need it for detox, but I am new to yoga so it was easy for me to follow along. Easy stretches that helped so much.
Samantha Villarreal @Samantha3
November 11, 2020
Loved it!
Really helped wake me up from my grogginess. Thank you :)
Maya @mayanantar
June 02, 2020
Brief and efficient
Lots of modifiers and a great morning wake up!
May 26, 2020
Perfect to Start the Day
Great series of yoga poses + core challenge + stretch! I'll definitely will add this to my morning routine.
Stephanie @salvaxeflor
May 20, 2020
Just Awesome!!
Quick and awesome! That's just perfect for stretching!!
Audrey Grégoire @AudreyGreg
May 16, 2020
Effective & quick
This is a short but effective workout that covers what you need with thorough instruction. Instructor is clear and makes the workout motivating.
Lynn Mcmillan @lynn2828
March 30, 2020
Good for Core Strength Quickie.
Good for days when you are pressed for time.
Kimberly Osgood @kosgood
March 27, 2020
❤️ great quick yoga
Thank you it was just what I needed!!!
Mary McDonough @tinestvelvet
March 23, 2020
Good commentary, a fun mix of exercises and overall a great stretch!
This is honestly such an amazing series of poses and I ended feeling very relaxed and released of all tension. The instructors were also super relaxing and I liked their humor! Would definitely do again, I might even make this a part of my daily routine. :)
Natalie D @screenqueen
March 21, 2020
Quick and a great stretch!
love it!
Stacey @abetterdaughtr
March 19, 2020