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Day 8: 5-Minute Postfight Cooldown

4.9 Stars · 11 Reviews

Stretching is just as important as your workout. Christa will lead you through a 5-minute cooldown that includes stretches and movements to help your body recover.

  • Equipment needed: none
Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 11 Reviews
Just like it
The messages in the end are powerful
Oana Ene @OanaEne
November 10, 2020
she spread good vibes
great cool down
del @delaram
July 14, 2020
Great cool down workout!
Saumya @sk3110
April 21, 2020
Bog love
I love you, Christa!!!)))
Natali @Shtatskayia
April 18, 2020
Great work out
Pat @PatNanteza
February 05, 2020
Great cool down
And end-of-workout affirmation. Never hurts
Elisabeth T @etrost
January 28, 2020
Modifications, whew hewww!
Eleanor @hadiahjordan
January 26, 2020
Great stretching vid
MelC @Melcollinsy
January 11, 2020
Love this, will add to all work outs...wish it was longer
Marie @marierdrake
January 10, 2020
Christa is the best
Amazing cool down/stretch as usual
Gi @bb_fitrockfitness
January 02, 2020
good stretch for most people
I'm still waiting for a full length stretch video popsugar. 5 min is not enough.
akoko @akoko
January 01, 2020