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Day 6: 25-Minute Cardio Sculpt

4.6 Stars · 13 Reviews

Equipment needed: none

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Overall Rating
4.6 | 13 Reviews
Amazing workout
Loved it...dripping in sweat... Felt the burn real good
Poornima @PoornimaD
July 21, 2020
Not long but man is it good!
I thought due to the shortness that this was going to be a breeze. It wasn't. It wasn't difficult, just was a good burn.
Becky Gunkel @BeckyG
July 07, 2020
Day 6
Great workout πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ I really felt the burn!
Kamogelo @kamog56
July 06, 2020
Nice one!
Another nice one
Isa @isa.garciac
June 06, 2020
oumzackaria @oumzackaria
June 05, 2020
Good workout
Good morning workout. Paired with a few minutes of abs and you’re set for the day. Thanks ladies
Natalia @NatyCampbell
April 24, 2020
I loved this!!!!!
This workout got my body moving and I really felt it in my legs and sides!!!
Samantha Torre @sam_t1027
April 13, 2020
A little...
Instructor seemed all over the place but it was a good workout. it is what you make it!
Keisha @ke2keep
April 13, 2020
Yes, I love you, and I hate you at the same timeπŸ˜‰. It was awesome. Thank you.
Dorota @Dorotasps
November 02, 2019
nice workout!
I am a beginner, so I followed Kaycee's moves. It was pretty challenging for me! But it also felt great when I was able to finish it. It was the right amount of challenge! And also quite fun! It was easier than the previous workouts and those were actually a little too difficult for me...
Xu Xining @xining
September 06, 2019
Good But Short
A good lower body burner. My glutes and hamstrings are sore. Could have used one more cardio circuit, though,
Kathryn Bianga @kathrynbianga
March 26, 2019
Day 6
i usually do a workout before so that my workout is at least 20-30 minutes total. I didn't today and I am glad. I didn't feel like it was quite as hard as Anna and her girls were making it sound but that could have been me. Regardless, this was a good workout to get my day started.
Stacy @Schalmers
March 05, 2019