Day 5: 30-Minute Low-Impact Cardio & Toning Workout from 2-Week Tone-Up: Waist, Hips, & Thighs β€’ Active by POPSUGAR
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Day 5: 30-Minute Low-Impact Cardio & Toning Workout

5.0 Stars · 9 Reviews

Take 30 minutes for a low impact cardio workout that will have you breathless without making you jump around. This workout also includes some serious toning moves to target your waist, hips, and thighs β€” and it will have you feeling it tomorrow.

  • Equipment needed: none
Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 9 Reviews
Loved it
I am all sweating, amazing workout in a right peace
Saeideh @Sasa1356
August 24, 2021
Don't be fooled!
I saw that it was titled 'low impact' so I got cocky and decided to add plyo to all the beginning moves...big mistake! I was seriously winded by the mid point of this video and definitely had to keep it low impact from thereon out! The second part of the video is easier but by then you're working hard so every move really has you burning.
Lauren Roberts @LaurenECRoberts
September 14, 2020
I don't know why I sweat so much for a low cardio but I loved it!!!
Becky Gunkel @BeckyG
August 23, 2020
Great for mornings!
Great circuit to do in the morning.
C E @charliebsiv
July 06, 2020
Not too hard but got a great sweat on! Felt like an appropriate break from the previous 4 days. I almost didn't do it but so glad I stuck with it today!
Jewel Jamieson @Jewelj
June 12, 2020
the highest intensity low impact
Loved the workout, but didn't have enough space for the scorpion. Tiny London apartment. Got to catch my breath tho
Ioana David @ioanadavid
June 09, 2020
NGL the last 'scorpion' move at the end just looked like me rolling on the floor with no idea what to do. But overall I liked the workout a lot, even though I had to pause a few times to catch my breath (guess I'm not as fit as I thought). Great for at home during quarantine.
Alexandra Panico @alexandrap
May 20, 2020
Best workout!!!!!!!!
Very, very good!
patricia @patiaguiar
April 16, 2020
Best Workout
very good workout even if it was a low impact workout it really got me sweating like crazy:))
Baltazar @baltah365
January 18, 2020