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Day 5: 30-Minute Arms and Abs Workout

4.6 Stars · 29 Reviews

Today we’re going to focus on your abs and arms. You’ll be strengthening your arms, shoulders, and core with an added emphasis on your posture to leave you standing strong and tall.

Equipment needed:

  • 2 light dumbbells
  • 1 medium dumbbell
  • 1 bath towel

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.6 | 29 Reviews
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 24, 2022
Arms Burn
It was a toughie to get though but I felt the burn and feel great!
Melodie @MSlightningtwirl
May 19, 2022
Ban @Banjoh
July 11, 2020
30-Minute Arms and Abs Workout
Thank you for the continuous encouragement. I wanted to stop but you were so encouraging that I did it!!
Nicole @Petitecubaine
June 05, 2020
Arms and Abs on Fire
Loved this workout today. It was challenging but in a good way and I felt like I accomplished so much in doing it. Thank you Anna and the popsugar team!
Zoe Pinchen @zoepinchen
June 03, 2020
Awesome as always
Going to continue and to complete all 21 days just because I like Anna saying I`m awesome and able to do everything :3
Anna @ann_candle
May 27, 2020 Moscow, Russia
Arms & Abs
I enjoyed the workout. I was unable to do some of the workout because I have a shoulder injury that bothers me, so I do what I can! Anna your 21 day challenge rocks and I really enjoy working out to your videos!!! πŸ™‚
May 21, 2020
Arms and abs
I had no idea I lacked shoulder mobility until starting this program. This was a great workout!
Danielle @franklda
May 11, 2020 Oregon
Good arm workout
I could feel this a lot in my shoulders and only a little bit in my abs with the seated twists. its great for arm strength.
Sofia @Sosospins
May 11, 2020
Great for all levels
I love the modifications in the moves to make it either more challenging or more accessible for you based on your body. I have bad shoulders (torn labrum in both, had surgery in one), and I was able to modify the weights on certain moves to make sure I could still do the exercises. I know my body, but might be good for the videos to acknowledge taking care with certain motions if you have had injuries. Reminders to listen to your body are important. Anna is motivating and encouraging, and I look forward to working out with her each time.
Casey @caseyecollier
May 10, 2020 Colorado, USA
Good Arm Burn/Need More Ab Work
Anna's workouts emphasize upper body which can strain the shoulders when there is no break in between workouts. I wished that this workout included more abdominal exercises.
Barbara @Tabatta
May 09, 2020
My arms are shaking!!
I woke up with a headache this morning, so I am glad, especially today, that there's different versions to follow. Since it's my second round of this program, my arms got stonger already but still I was shaking during the bonus rounds. Loved it!
Julie Archambault @juar946
May 04, 2020
Great for arms
My arms have always been weak, but exercises with just weights are boring for me. I like the way this combines arm toning + strengthening the rotator cuff while also increasing core strength through balance. The half an hour just flies by. Thank you!
Mariana @mimunoz
May 01, 2020
Felt the burn!
It was a nice and slow burn on my arms and shoulders!
Ana Lilian Rominque @lianeroms
April 06, 2020
Arms and Abs
I definitely felt my shoulders burning......but I liked it!
April 06, 2020
My shoulders are burning!
Great workout! Love / hated every moment 🀣 5/21!
Jenn Hatch @jennleehatch
March 27, 2020 Austin, TX
Awesome, burns like crazy!
Hazel Beaumont @hbeaumont
March 23, 2020
Love the side-winders!
I took a break this weekend so this is the first video for this week. I did videos one through four last week and I feel like the two day break helped me to be able to do this workout with more strength. I love the side-winders and the woodchop moves. The narrow plank push-up was very difficult for me so I just modified and did some push-ups from my knees. A great start for my week! Thank you for these great workouts Anna!
Devanie @devanie
November 18, 2019
My Shoulders!!!
After the last two days, my shoulders were already starting to feel fatigued, but after this, my shoulders are dead! Looking forward to giving my poor shoulders a rest for the next couple days...
Alison @alison
October 12, 2019 Colorado
My shoulder are on fire but it's worth it!
Love the program so far, simple but effective!
GABRIELA GUERRA @gabriela.guerra
October 04, 2019
Great for the arms
Loved this workout. Definitely felt it in the arms! Great targeted exercises.
Alison @aliwagne
September 21, 2019
Love Anna's workouts
Great 21 day workout. 30 minutes a day is easy to commit to. Feeling stronger :)
Joan Van Paridon @JVP
September 05, 2019
Great Workout
I really enjoyed this workout. The moves were challenging even with light free weights. I can definitely feel the workout in my triceps. Looking forward to doing this video again on Day 9!
Angie Strittmater @astrittmater
September 01, 2019
Great workout
I am enjoying the workouts so far. I like how each day has a focus. Knowing that I should do more arm work out, i really like the different levels that I can work towards and I thought this video did a great job.
Steph C @activechandy
August 24, 2019
Little too much working on the knees
Berkhoutwlm @Berkhoutwlm
August 23, 2019
Arms and Abs
The focus was more on the arms, but I really enjoyed all the moves and felt like I got a good workout in.
Heather @heatherraewrites
August 16, 2019
Arms and abs - nice workout
Today I discovered that my arms are totally useless! Some of the movements I couldn't do the whole time, my arms just wouldn't do it anymore. I did finish the whole thing, just had to pause a lot in between! I will definitely come back to this one some day, because I really want to master these exercises and strengthen my arms and shoulders!
Xu Xining @xining
July 16, 2019