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Day 5: 27-Minute Dance Cardio Workout

3.3 Stars · 86 Reviews

Celebrity fitness trainer Amanda Kloots brings cardio dance routines that are also sneaky core workouts. Feel the music, and get ready to jump it out.

  • Equipment needed: none
Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
3.3 | 86 Reviews
Hard to follow
I found it difficult to keep up with the choreography. Mirror cues would have been helpful.
Alynne @xoxo.alynne
June 30, 2023
Love dancing
I love to dance so while doing additional exercises I had a great time. Thank you.
Ilonka @ViperThunder
June 18, 2023 Poland
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 23, 2022
Incredibly Difficult to Follow, but I got what I came here for
Right from the warm-up I thought perhaps the video was sped up, and struggled to keep up with how fast she was going almost the whole time but... The fast pace kept me more focused on just moving my body for a straight 25 minutes. I am literally dripping sweat down my back, my body feels stronger, and I burned some calories!
Melodie @MSlightningtwirl
June 07, 2022
Good workout
The moves are not too hard. I did preview the video before doing it. The shoulder shimmy is a little difficult to get right, but i'm not looking for myself to look like i'm a professional dancer. i'm still burning calories and having fun and that's all that matters. I was a sweaty mess at the end. Very fun.
Brenda Chu @bchuster
March 29, 2021
Don't like it
it does not explain too much
Oana Ene @OanaEne
November 10, 2020
Seriously people who complain about this workout are just negative and/or seriously out of shape. This isn't that hard. Amanda is a fabulous instructor - she's the BEST- I love her energy, her choreography, her moves, everything. We need more dance videos by amanda kloots!
lisa @lisapak
October 29, 2020
bit confusing
because she keeps saying right arm, left arm, etc but we can't mirror her and it's going so fast, maybe it would be helpful for pop sugar to flip the video horizontally??
Phyllis Ho @phillysideup
September 03, 2020
Soooo Much fun
This was a great workout, the dance makes the cardio seem fun
Christine @ChristineNjezz
August 21, 2020
I've done a lot of workout videos with choreography and can usually stay with the instructor. Most instructors review the steps slowly before moving into the full action. This workout was too fast so many times I just stayed with a jumping jack. Even the cool down was quick.
Janis Clifton @jmclifton
August 14, 2020
Too hard to follow with the music (no beat to the song!), and is more of a leg (jumping) workout
Ascher @ascher
July 13, 2020
Even the cooldown was fast !
This workout was fun but, as others have said before me, a bit too fast. Took me a couple of pauses to get some of the moves right ><
Camila @kmiiuke
July 10, 2020
Love to dance. Difficult to follow
Super confusing. Cues are non existent or too late.
Cindy @capleo75
July 05, 2020
Too fast and hard to follow
I thought this was going to be fun and easy to follow. But more than half the time I was just trying to keep up and it's kind of stressful, tbh. I normally like dance workouts, but this one is just not enjoyable for me. I broke a sweat though and it kept my heart pumping. Will definitely do an alternative workout when this one comes up in the next few days again.
Dee @janadee
July 03, 2020
Clearly I am not made for dance ...
I think that I might possess two left feet which belonged to two other non-dancers. This one just wasn't for me. I felt more like one of those giant inflatable tube / sock people. Maybe if you dance, do Zumba, hip hop, or jazzercise back in the day? I am more of a Tabata/HIIT/Boxing/Weight training person so this one was alien to me and I just could not get into it.
Koharu @koharu
June 28, 2020
Not that bad
It was not that bad, I mirror her, because her instructions were confusing. Like other users said it was a little bit too fast, I had to stop few times but I also sweat a lot which made it a great workout.
alina @alina_lilly
June 27, 2020
High intensity, not for beginners
Very fast paced, yes, but high energy! I worked up a good sweat for sure! Not really for beginners.
Erin Clemence @ErinClemence
June 16, 2020
viel zu schnell
... und ab Mitte ohne dass Übungen langsam zuerst gezeigt werden
Mucki @Muksch
June 14, 2020
It was a lot of jumping...
Yes, the class is fast-paced and you WILL work up a sweat if that's what you're after. That being said, I found the steps were a bit too repetitive for me. It was a lot of jumping, and like what another reviewer said, I didn't feel like I was dancing, I felt I was doing aerobics moves. If you want to work up a sweat - go for it. If you want to dance - probably check out another video.
Mela @melamela
June 14, 2020
Awful, confusing and way too fast
This was honestly a waste of my time. You do sweat a bit, half of the time you are just trying to keep up; she goes way too fast and truly you do not enjoy this workout as much as the other trainers.
Lucia Alejandra Reina Licona @larl31789
June 12, 2020
Fun but cueing was not mirrored
This was fun and definitely went by fast and I was sweating! The cueing was not mirrored which was a little confusing but other than that-give it a try!
June 07, 2020
If you like fast workout try it
It is too fast for me, I had problems following it. Probably is because I don’t like repeating the same exercise several time in the same class
June 02, 2020
Good dance, but fast
I couldn't keep up with the 2nd dance, it was too fast and required a lot of coordination. But overall it was a nice dance.
Giulia @giuliafreitas
May 29, 2020
The God Dance hasn't bless me
Sorry, but nope. Dance is not my thing... But good work
Mirco @cactusreis
May 24, 2020
Did its job!
This workout got my heart rate up and had me sweating. The only reason I gave it 4 stars i because the cueing was wrong but other than that, I enjoyed sweating and burning calories in a new way.
Jesenia Gervacio @jeseniag78
May 22, 2020
Not the dance workout for me
As someone who loves dance workout videos I really wanted to enjoy this but man was it tough to want to keep going after the warm up. Not only was the music not a great selection but the moves were presented way to fast to follow and the fact that the trainer was saying the wrong direction the entire time didn't help either. I know that she was saying the directions from her point of view but knowing that this was a video I wish she would have said it from the viewer's perspective or at least given some more time to learn the moves first.
Nadine @nm.lindskog
May 21, 2020
SO frustrating and not worth my time
Her cues being on the wrong side threw me off the whole time. I am an intelligent human being, but this was unnecessarily complicated. I ended up choosing a different workout halfway through. I won't be working out with this trainer again.
Sophia Chevez @Fifi90
May 20, 2020
I am surprised this workout has such a low rating! It was fast, sweaty and full energy. Comparing to other dance cardio workouts this one has simple moves easy to repeat. Loved it!!!!
Natalia @natali_kali
May 20, 2020
Try Day 9 first
I read the reviews and wanted to skip Amanda altogether, but after seeing the better rating on her day 9 workout, I decided to try that first to see if the higher rating was the product of people dropping off who aren't coordinated, or the actual workout. I'd have to say, this workout is just especially terrible from a direction standpoint. Day 9, while a bit confusing, is nowhere near as tough to follow. I'll definitely give her other videos a try as I know she can do better, but I don't blame anyone who starts with this workout and never wants to try her videos again.
Mercer @mcsmitty710
May 19, 2020
No,No & No
This routine was too fast to follow and off beat. I really didn't like it. I could not follow the routine. I spent more time trying to figure out the routine than gaining my workout. I'm actually going to find another routine so I can get a better cardio workout in for today.
Charmaine @Koala
May 17, 2020
I I took my dogs on a walk, and let this play through
I knew within the first second, I was going to hate this and based on the reviews, I'm sure I was right. I did another cardio video and will be doing the same when this instructor comes back around in the program. I have loved all the programs so far but emit poop emoji here for this one.
Carina Keller @morticiabubbles
May 16, 2020
too fast
hard to follow
rosio @rosiocarcamo
May 16, 2020
I'm not a dancer, and I don't work out much but this was actually my favourite workout! I didn't get all the steps but most of them and it was a nice change from usual work out videos.
Liana Schmalz @grace1957
May 15, 2020
Just jiggled for 30 minutes
Warm up fine.... Just about managed the first dance by ignoring instruction and mirroring moves.... Second dance just did mostly jumping Jack's, had lost the plot.... By the third dance had lost the will to live. This workout is not for all (nothing to do with fitness) fine if you are a dancer, although it gave me hope by reading some reviews that some dancers struggled as well. For entertainment wish the 'assistants' had done this cold like the rest of us without doing a substantial amount of previous practice beforehand..... They might have then worked out this was never going to make a good session. Just seen there is another one of these later in the plan😬
Sarah Franklin @ZorroKittens
May 15, 2020
not a fan
Okay, I'll start with the one good thing I've got to say: I did work up a sweat! Otherwise, didn't enjoy - partially because the music and moves just weren't my personal cup of tea (too bouncy and cheerleader-ish, not at all groovy/funky), and partially because I felt the instruction was confusing. I have to note that I actually AM a dancer, and am usually good at following choreography, but this was definitely hard to follow at times. As others have said, she was cueing for the wrong side, which made things unecessarily confusing. Also, there were some moves that required more explicit, slow breakdown than she provided. Also, I just have to say that her demeanor grated after awhile. I started to hate it when she kept saying, "so good." I've loved the other workouts in this challenge so far, but not this one.
Shosh @shoshanahmck
May 14, 2020
Such a fun workout!
Mackenzie @mackenzie.carson
May 04, 2020
Fast but effective
Yes, it's fast paced - but about the same as my local Zumba class' routines - and you sweat more trying to keep up so definitely worked!
Katie Smyth @holakatie
May 04, 2020
Not easy for non-dancers
I think I am a bit too uncoordinated for this routine. I ended up jumping up and down on the spot for most of it.
Bee @beero
April 29, 2020
Nice workout!!
Beautiful workout!!
Amanjot Kaur @amara
April 23, 2020
Way to fast to catch moves
She need to teach the moves first before moving on. I would finally figure out the moves during the last rep and then it was time to move on. She had good energy, just wasn't great at teaching.
Becky Gunkel @BeckyG
April 21, 2020
Ok, too fast
Concur on the comments in regard to mirror queuing. I watched ahead of time just to make sure I was prepared. Not enough transition in between moves. Got 10 mins in and switched off. Looking for another cardio dance routine.
VP @vap14
April 19, 2020
Really awful unless your a proffesional dancer
Yeah she keeps adding on and its super confusing
Tatiana Rita Yusuf @ttn6
April 19, 2020
Hard to follow
It would be great to break out the routines more.
Ada @Autumnleave
April 18, 2020
Really fast but fun!!!
Saumya @sk3110
April 18, 2020
Impossible to follow and confusing - coming from a dancer
Was able to get my heart rate slightly up, but the moves were impossible to follow that I was just jumping around. I have had experience with dance and clearly this instructor was moving way too fast and does not know how to explain.
Jennifer Truong @xjennifertruong
April 15, 2020
This workout flew by!
After reading reviews, I expected this workout to be horrible. It wasn’t. I did have to really concentrate on the choreography and I think that made the time go faster, because before I knew it, I was already done! It also got my heart rate up despite multiple pauses/interruptions by my kids πŸ‘πŸ»
Lisa @missxlisa
April 14, 2020
Amazing workout
I loved it!
Olga @olgalashta
April 14, 2020
Everyone is correct that she doesn't do mirror queueing (saying right when she's on her left foot but we would be on our right foot at home). This honestly didn't bother me that much as I was mainly looking at what her body was doing to learn the moves, not listening to her talk. What did bother me however was the frantic pace of this whole workout. Even in the warm up she was moving so much faster than necessary. And yes, a lot of the moves she didn't give very much "teaching" time. You'll learn them with repetition (which there is a lot of), but you might not get them right off the bat. Overall I'm not too upset because this was still a great workout, but there are definitely dance cardio workouts out there with much better queueing.
Casey @clgjt13
April 07, 2020 CO
Too confusing
I did not wanted to add to the criticism here but the left-right instructions are absolutely confusing, the steps too quickly without instruction and at a certain point I was more concentrated on the torn leggins of the instructor than anything else.
Mariam @Majam
April 03, 2020
Really enjoyed the other workouts so far. However, I found this one confusing and boring. Didn't enjoy the music either.
Tish @TishC
April 03, 2020
new aerobics moves , however not a enough slow reps to learn moves before moving on. Good sweat routine though. too busy trying to learn the moves to have fun.
Gloria w Purter @gpurter
March 31, 2020
Difficult but fun
As someone who has never been a dancer, this was challenging for me. Especially that second sequence, I had such a hard time following it. I wish the instructor would have slowed down the teaching parts of it. But this workout got my body moving in different ways, I got a good sweat in, and I had fun jumping around like a crazy person.
Maria @megadino719
March 27, 2020
Really Fast, but Fun!
It was pretty fast paced for a beginner who does not have much rhythm. However, I found the entire video to be a lot of fun! I enjoyed the instructor and was able to follow the moves with a little extra practice. I was not thrown off by the "left, right" instructions. Surprised there were so many others who didn't enjoy the video. I actually look forward to trying another dance cardio workout again after this one!
Brittany @beelow
March 27, 2020
OK workout
I was looking forward to a dance video but this just felt like different versions of hopping around with small variations in between... after a certain point I just don’t want to do any more versions of jumping jacks. I gave it 3 stars because it did get me sweating so it counts for a good cardio if nothing else.
Kayla jarvis @kaykeys02
February 11, 2020
Hard? Yes! Love it!
I love Amanda’s workouts! Yes at first it is hard to keep’s just doing your best, even if it’s doing your own version of it..even still she makes you work up a sweat. This also makes me want to keep doing this video more and more so that I can eventually get all the right foot work. If I was sweating doing my best can you imagine how much more I will sweat when I know it to a β€œT”?! Thank you Amanda!
Ktaylor23 @ktaylor23
February 08, 2020
Dumpster fire?
Wow, I kind of feel like I'm piling on at this point but I agree with the criticism of this video. Any instructor worth her salt knows how to MIRROR and cue accordingly. ie: We're on the right foot, sweetheart, which is your left. Soooo, don't say left. Basic stuff. And the level of intensity was backwards, as others have noted. This video wasn't a complete waste of time but it wasn't good. Really really not good.
Terry Stanley @TLstanley
February 01, 2020
Horrible horrible horrible
That was a mess. Instructor didn't do much instructing. I couldn't follow along as the instructor seemed like she didn't know how to teach. I'm so disappointed. If it weren't for the other awesome workouts in this bundle, I would have regretted buying this.
AlecFit @alecfit
February 01, 2020
Impossible to follow. Did anyone tell her she's supposed to be training? I guess not. Is that dancing?
Pat @PatNanteza
January 27, 2020
Impossible to follow
The moves and the cueing, as others have indicated was really difficult to follow. She goes through all of the sequences first and then you are expected to just dance. I gave up about 15 minutes in- can’t remember ever doing that with a workout video.
Elisabeth T @etrost
January 21, 2020
bad cueing
I agree with the other reviewers as well....I actually do like cardio dance but she needs to cue for the viewing audience...i.e.: say left for our left. This is actually something I've noticed in other pop sugar videos that I find really annoying. I also think it would help if she went slower on some dance moves in the beginning so we can catch on. Also the camera needs to just hold steady on the instructor, it's hard enough to keep up, but when they cut to the woman on the right going another speed it's confusing. However I did work up a sweat, and kept up with it, even though half the time I wasn't doing the moves right.
tsela @tsela
January 16, 2020
for all the reasons people said and more, this workout is not good. She cues poorly--not just left-right issues others have identified, but she also cues too soon before the movement. She also moves too fast in the beginning, but slows down as the workout moves on. The last combo should have been the first, as it is the easiest to follow. I was able to follow but I wouldn't say it was a good workout, either. Too much concentrating meant not as much energy into the actual moves. Would not do again.
Mgirl @mgirl
January 16, 2020
very hard to follow as a beginner
Jayvn @jayvnbulych
January 16, 2020
Dance cardio is not my favorite, but this video works up a sweat
As a non-dancer I don't consider this a beginner video. The pace is fast, but I also think if she had gone slower it wouldn't be considered a cardio workout. I'd like to try it again, because these types of movements and combos just don't come naturally to me. So I have to stop, rewind and play to get the sequence. I loved how active you are for the whole 25 mins and the instructors attitude is great. Dance will never be my go-to cardio option, but it's always fun to try something different.
Meghan @muncapher
January 15, 2020
I should have drunk some super bolt energy drink first! Frustratingly fast for learning after a full day of work. I'll try again though.
Eleanor @hadiahjordan
January 14, 2020
Easy to follow and wonderful cardio!
Claudia Andrade @caandrade
January 13, 2020
Disappointing & Confusing
I'm not a fan of cardio dancing generally as it's not one thing or the other, but am always ready to change my mind. This dance class was so confusing, as others have pointed out, with the instructor cueing for the other trainers, not for the video audience. Even when you decide to follow visually, your brain still hears left & right, so it's still frustrating. By the 3rd dance I decided to just jog in place. Not very hard, cardio-wise. Dynamic warmup almost too dynamic - watch those joints! With so many free PopSugar cardio dance videos, the focus now, I'm not sure why these were included in this package.
Mary @MPC007
January 13, 2020
Good Cardio But..
There was a lot of good cardio, but it didn't feel like a dance workout. I wanted to dance, but it felt more like an old-school aerobics class.
Golden Goddess @goldengoddess
January 12, 2020
Fast, Greta work put
Gotta mirror moves, not follow right left directions. I eventually got it. Good sweaty workout even with modifications
Marie @marierdrake
January 08, 2020
The workout was OK but the instructor's calling was difficult to follow. The combinations were too quickly.
DiCso @DiCso
January 08, 2020
Confusing but fast
I totally agree with everyone who said the cues weren't great and it was hard to follow. But I do feel like I got a good workout (because I basically spent 80% of the time just jumping around or doing jumping jacks) and I felt like the time flew by!
Sara Hopkins @sarahopkins
January 07, 2020
Was ok. I love dancy workouts but i felt all over the place on this one.
Tizziana @Tizziana
January 07, 2020
Yay Dance!
First time trying dance cardio. It was fun! I'm hooked!
January 07, 2020
Holy Calves!!!!
Ignore the left and right instruction and just mirror (i have trouble with my left and right any way :) ) You will feel your calves if you're not used to dance videos... recommend an extra stretch and cool down after
Cat @kittylechat
January 07, 2020
Too Quick, Felt a Step Behind
I liked the energy and the dances, but felt a step behind. Like another commenter wrote, it was confusing when she kept saying right and left, when it was opposite. She should take note of Christa P’s instructional methods!
Meghan @LoveMeg
January 06, 2020
I was confused
By the end I felt like I had a good workout but I was really confused throughout the first two dances. I have never done dance before so I felt really lost the whole time.
Paige @paigetking
January 06, 2020
Good workout, terrible instruction
The workout/moves were good but the instructor's calling was terrible. She was calling as if the class was behind her rather than in front which made it difficult to follow. She'd say right leg which was right for her but left for us at home. Rookie mistake. I hope the rest of her workouts in this series are not the same.
vla.08 @vla.08
January 06, 2020
I usually love all dance cardio, and maybe I was just having an off day, I found the choreography super confusing and the only routine I really enjoyed was the last one.
Gina @ginameier
January 05, 2020
Great Cardio, Not Great Instruction
I got my work out in, definitely great cardio, but the combinations were taught too quickly.
Him Beth @HilBeth
January 05, 2020
Better than I anticipated
I'm usually terrible at dance cardio, but was able to do this video! It was a bit fast, but modifying until I got the steps helped.
beezobia @beezobia
January 05, 2020
This was fun but I wish the queues were mirrored, I was very confused trying to follow opposite movements but I could just be a spaz and I still got a good sweat on!
Amanda Rubie @AmandaRubie
January 03, 2020
Sweating Cardio Dance Fun
Fun dance cardio sweated so much.
mtasampson @mtasampson
January 03, 2020
It was so much fun!
AmHale33 @AmHale33
January 02, 2020
Good for non-dancers
This is a good video for people intimidated by other dance videos or for beginner exercisers. The steps are super simple and it's a great strengthener for your feet, ankles and lower legs. You will feel it.
akoko @akoko
December 30, 2019