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Day 4: 20-Minute Strong and Sculpted Arm Workout

5.0 Stars · 43 Reviews

Get ready to push through this workout that, yes, includes a lot of push-ups. Grab your light weights and get ready to work every muscle of your arms. 

  • Equipment needed: two light free weights

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 43 Reviews
You don't need us to like you
But bitch, WE LOVE U!!! U're awesome ❤❤❤
Gerónimo ⭐ @im.not.geronimo
May 24, 2020
Great workout
This was a great arm workout, My 16th year old daughter is doing the 21 day challenge with me so far every work out been amazing ❤️
May 23, 2020
Good work
My arms are burning but it was great - you're awesome :-)
Maria @MG
May 22, 2020
killer arms!!!
I love this short an powerfull workouts!
juliana @julirodriguezs
May 15, 2020
Hard and funny...
May 14, 2020
I even hurt My arm! It’s terrible ! But always amazing
Estefania @tephsperber
May 12, 2020
Great Workout!
I wasn't expecting this workout to be too hard since it is only 20 minutes long but wow was I wrong! I had to pause it twice and switch from 5lb weights to 3lb weights and I am in pretty good shape. As always, Jake makes the workout go by fast and keeps it fun :)
Melissa @melilou
May 12, 2020
Another great work out!!!
Aliki Siamkouri @alikisiamkouri
May 11, 2020
As someone with no upper body strength, this was KILLER! So good!
Kenzi Butler @kenzibutler
May 06, 2020
Lots of variety, great pace
Great arm workout, Jake keeps things moving and changes it up a lot so you work all the different small muscles. I had to do it with wine bottles as weights because, quarantine.
NJC @njcrmd
May 06, 2020
Those muscles are burning!
a wonderful workout from a wonderful coach! The way he keeps saying4,4,4,4,4, or 7,7,7,7,7,7 reminds me of Monica in Friends :))))
neg @neg2310
May 05, 2020
Workout super challenging
Best workout ever and it's only 20 minutes. I love Jake so much because he rotates to every single one of the muscles. You'll feel the burn everywhere!
Valeria @Valeria204
May 05, 2020
Great Arm Workout
Awesome workout. Jake never disappoints!
Nadia Jossie @njossie
May 04, 2020
You gonna hate me :) thanks a lot for fun and great intensive training!
Oxana @OxanaLip
May 04, 2020
Ay ay ay!
My arms Jake! I loved it!
Micaela @mim_maddie
May 03, 2020
best workout so far!
Best upper body workout I have ever done!!! Includes the whole body! And Jake is like always a delight!
Marlene Buck @FitinHannover
May 02, 2020
First I hate you, second I love you
After this workout I don't know where I'm taking the force to digit a review, but thank you. One of my most appreciated and funny coach on this platform
Mirco @cactusreis
May 01, 2020
This one was so hard but so good! I loved it!
Em @emmalee00
April 30, 2020
Yes Yes!
Jake is the best
Yuval @YuvalBar
April 30, 2020
Extra!!!super humour
El Azhari @laila68
April 23, 2020
this workout burns!!
made me realize i have no arm strength! many breaks necessary
Maddie M @maddiefm
April 16, 2020
Good exercises, arm are burning :)
Olga @olgagagala
April 08, 2020
So much love so much hate
I love you, but I also hate you. Mostly, thank you.
Naz Fulton @nazhfulton
April 05, 2020
Best arm workout!
This is hands down one of the best arm workouts I’ve tried. I felt a burn the whole time and feel stronger already! Jakes workouts are tough but in a good way!
Alyssa @alyssacamp
April 03, 2020
So hard yet so good
I literally have no arm strength so it was reaaally hard for me lol Jake's always the best!
Valentina @valehewer
April 03, 2020
A great arm workout
I loved this workout! I loved all the different exercises and I feel it everywhere! Jake is so motivating and keeps you going when you really want to stop.
Hendrika @Hendrika
April 02, 2020
Love it!
Mis abrazos estaban que ardían! Me encantó y amo la actitud de Jake!
Laura Rivas @Laurivasj
April 01, 2020
Great arm routine. Jake keep's you motivated while burning your upper body... worth it!
terezia assaf @teassaf
March 29, 2020
Killer Workout!
Jake Dupree is always a both a challenge and a delight. I have been doing these popsugar workouts for over a year now. I do them everyday. I also rollerblade and do yoga daily at a local studio. I consider myself to be pretty fit and even I had to use some modifications on some of these exercises. A fun and worthwhile goal would be for me to try and complete it without any. Thank you, Jake, for always pumping it up!!
Lily @hagerlily
March 28, 2020
What an awesome arm workout! Love Jake so much!
Michelle @sm17ey
March 28, 2020
My shoulders are on fire!
Tara @Happylittletree
March 26, 2020
Mis brazos lo agradecen ;)
Karina @kchg
March 26, 2020 belgium
Ok,adesso faccio fatica a muovere le braccia😂😂😂😂, spero solo che non si ingrossino,perché le braccia muscolare non mi piacciono
Francesca imperatore @Franceimpe
March 24, 2020
It burns good!
You'll feel engagement all over the place with this one. Pro-tip: pull your belly to your spine and you'll feel it everywhere.
Mehreen Kasana @mehreenkasana
March 23, 2020
My arms are burning. Thank you Jake
Sofia @Sofiabove2000
March 20, 2020 Italy
A great workout
My arms were burning after this workout. Short and sweet!
magdalenacpt @magdalenacpt
December 30, 2019
Killer 💕💪
Loved how Jake rotates through the different muscles the whole session. Total burn out, keeps you moving, sweating, heart rate up. I loved it & of course love Jake! 🥰
BethBSN @baemmons
December 29, 2019
Killer workout
Jam packed - love the super fast pace
P @disharch
December 05, 2019
Superb Workout
Jake is killer 💃
Ketki @Ketki
November 13, 2019
Your arms will appreciate it!
Challenging and fun workout! Started with 5 pound weights and had to modify to 3 pound weights for some parts. Get ready to break a sweat!!
pvigo @pvigo
October 15, 2019
Best arm workout ever!
October 13, 2019
Love it!
This was a great arm workout! I love the fact that it's only 20 minutes. I was able to do it in my bedroom with 8 pound weights.
NahlChenDari @NahlChenDari
October 07, 2019
Excellent workout
I did this with 5 lb weights and it was very challenging. I pressed the pause button a lot. Jake (if you read your reviews), since you're a dancer it would be great if you could do an advanced stretching video. I love popsugar workouts but I haven't found a good stretching video yet. They are too brief and designed for people with minimal flexibility - the ex-dancers and gymnasts here need more! Thanks for this wonderful workout.
akoko @akoko
October 06, 2019