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Day 3: 20-Minute Super-Tabata Workout

5.0 Stars · 8 Reviews

It's time to HIIT it with this super Tabata workout. You may be asking, why is this workout so super? Well, we're excited to tell you that we doubled the work period and rest period, making the intervals 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. It's a fun challenge that will do your muscles some good while building stamina and burning fat. Ready? Press play and get at it!

  • Equipment needed: none

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 8 Reviews
Day 3 : 20 minutes 20 days
Hard work out but worth it
June 21, 2021
Just perfect!!
Fary @faryaguilera
November 12, 2020
Short but Challenging
I'm sweating!!!!!
Becky Gunkel @BeckyG
September 07, 2020
It was an amazing workout. I did have to pause the video like four times, but I got through it!
C E @charliebsiv
August 10, 2020
One of my fav’s
I have done this one a few times! I love it for 20 minutes it gets me sweaty, I am obese and I started with modifications still doing a few but trying to push myself as I get stronger! I have lost 15 pounds in the past 5 weeks along with pop sugar and changed eating!
June 02, 2020
Loved it
I did modifications for some of the exercises but I really enjoyed it!!!
Tumi @tumi252
May 27, 2020
It is hard!
Modification help so everyone can do it! I didn’t burn as many calories as I did in some of the other workouts.
Mary Holden @holdenon
May 21, 2020
I died!
Excellent workout!!
Angie @angiechas
April 16, 2020 Buenos Aires, Argentina.