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Day 3: 15-Minute Core Cardio

4.9 Stars · 34 Reviews

Equipment needed: 2 medium free weights

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 34 Reviews
Intense right out of the gates
Sweating near the middle. Good intense 15 minutes. Not kidding around. The push-up rows I had to do on my knees.
Brenda Chu @bchuster
May 20, 2021
Love it!
Gets you sweating in no time!!
Swathi @swathibala90
May 15, 2021
great one! worked absolutely every muscle in my body!
Isa @isa.garciac
June 03, 2020
Very effective
Loved the workout.. It was power packed. Felt very good. Followed it by a Booty workout. Love popsugar
Poornima @PoornimaD
June 02, 2020
help to resist to covid19 !!
Merve @mrvhal
May 26, 2020
I'm really trying to day this 30day challenge, I hate cardio so I found this a little challenging but man did I love it!!!!!
May 15, 2020
Great Workout!
This may have only been 15 minutes, but it got the heart rate up and helped me break a sweat. Did it in conjunction with a 30 minute Popsugar Kickboxing workout. Feel great!!
Lorene @58&fit
May 12, 2020
great workout
15 minutes seemed a short workout, but they went by so slow...
Xara Kanellopoulou @xara222
May 07, 2020
Day 3
Thank you for the excellent workout!
Fariba @sohi
May 06, 2020
Feel good
Difficult but I pushed through it. I feel awesome after the excesice. Till tomorrow.
Lois @Loisyouzo
May 05, 2020
Love it
You can feel the effects even after the exercise is done.
Beatriz Carmo Pereira @BeatrizRPereira
May 04, 2020
Works up a quick sweat
Great way to start my day! Works up a good sweat real quick!
ana @anavic
May 03, 2020
I love this workout plan!!
G @giamarieworkoutxo
April 19, 2020
15 minutes
It was "only" fifteen minutes but gosh, I am sweating like crazy. I really liked the first circuit.
Kate Tomickova
April 19, 2020
intense, so glad it was only 15 mins
Keisha @ke2keep
April 10, 2020
Hard but great
Chiara Alessandro @chiaraalesss
March 31, 2020
Sweat Fest
Best 15 minutes of my quarantined day.
JJ Smith @nostrajjgreenleaf
March 31, 2020
Eva @evitag
March 27, 2020
Omg, this is a lot of workout in 15 min.😁
Mirabela @mirabella
March 27, 2020 Germany
Challenging But You Can Push Through
Very challenging but I was able to push through the workout. Definitely might feel the after effects tomorrow morning.
Egypt @egyptpearl
December 11, 2019
just hard enough
This was a great workout and the jumping jacks were a good warmup.
akoko @akoko
November 08, 2019
Day 3
I did it! I am awesome. You are awesome.
Dorota @Dorotasps
October 28, 2019
Don't let the short length fool you!
This workout is hard but its over quick so just power through!
Melanie @melanieamullen
September 26, 2019
Hard but quick.
It was challenging. Kind of starts out right away in the cardio, might want to stretch out and warm up before.
DunkADoo @DunkADooBalls
September 22, 2019
Great work out !
Great cardio, great motivation from Anna! Great core burn as always.
Jenn @jenniferdanis
September 14, 2019
Day 3 Challenge
I. Am. SWEATING!! She is great in motivating me to keep going!
Krista Duerr @KonKreestaDoor
July 24, 2019
Day 3
Holy moly! I just started this the other day, as someone who's been working out for the last year, I wanted to try something new, I try and switch up programs every once and a while. Today's workout killed me! I'm sweating everywhere and I know it is soo gonna be worth it! Thank you for creating this plan!
Tayla @taylaoflynn
March 22, 2019
Day 3
Amazing 15 minute work out. I was definitely out of breath and sweating!
Roxdap @Roxdap
March 07, 2019
Day 3
Man this kicked my butt (in a good way) but I wish there was just a minute of a warm up before the circuit started.
Shojo @Shojo
March 06, 2019
Make it burn 😁
Good variety!
Red @Motivation.Now
March 02, 2019
Day 3
Excellent workout. HR UP!
Stacy @Schalmers
March 02, 2019
Minute Core Cardio
i feel good
JA @janeagustin8
February 16, 2019
Excellent cardio!
I liked it so much I did it for multiple days (not just day 3)
wendymarti @wendymarti
February 13, 2019