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Day 24: 30-Minute Strength Training Workout With Weights

5.0 Stars · 5 Reviews

Get ready for a challenging strength-training workout with exercises like deadlift to row, push-ups, and side plank. This workout contains difficult moves, so be sure to listen to your body, take breaks, and use lighter weights as needed.

  • Equipment needed: 2 light and 2 medium free weights
Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 5 Reviews
DAY 24 DONE!!!
Great workout!
Saumya @sk3110
May 15, 2020
Went by so fast
I love how Raneir makes the class seem as if it is half the amount of time it really is. It was a great workout and so nice not to be moving really fast ,but man could I feel it the next day.
Becky Gunkel @BeckyG
May 10, 2020
Great program
Good succession of moves. Kept my muscles engaged and my mind occupied. Thanks for another winner Raneir!
Jenny Lee @jennyleee403
May 05, 2020
had me sweating
The rests are great and well-timed. After my knee felt a little injured after doing Day with Jake, I realized the importance of taking breaks. It even didn't feel bad until mid day the next day, so it is sneaky!
Dan @Danielwu
April 19, 2020
Great all-round strength workout!
This workout targets all your muscles, including your core on the combinations and balance exercises. Raneir's cues & form advice are important & helpful reminders to get the most out of exercising without injuries.
Mary @MPC007
February 04, 2020