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Day 2: 10-Minute Sculpt & Tone

4.8 Stars · 32 Reviews

Equipment needed: none

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 32 Reviews
Day 2 done
Day 2 done!! Great workout!!
Vickie Jones @jonesmcneal
March 10, 2021
Great workout!
This is a great 10 minute workout! Cardio was going and even sweating! Loving these!
Cherri Circe Shapiro @Cherri
August 26, 2020
Challenging af!
This is challenging af but you will feel so good afterwards! Just do it! Your abs will thank you later.
Maruschka @marvangerFit
August 03, 2020
Good workout but confused
How many times do we do each workout per day?
Molly Walter @roseycrose123
June 09, 2020
Get your heart going!
Loved this workout, broke a sweat and got my heart going in under 10 minutes.
Rebecca @rmurillo
May 13, 2020
Excellent I love Anna
I love these basic easy to follow moves, that are kicking my butt! Happy to know my core is getting stronger!
melissa norris @lifelvr22
May 12, 2020
Great core wkout
Excellent start to motivate for the rest of the clans challenge. Looking forward to the next one!
Ady @AdyL
May 11, 2020
I love Anna
Been doing pop sugar workouts since quarantine started. It's been a life savour. Starting the flat Belly ab challenge today. Don't really care about a flat belly but I am excited to keep developing a strong core.
Laura Vingoe-Cram @Laura64
May 10, 2020
Abs are burning!!
I love these workouts so motivational!! Great for fast results.
Lubasja de Rycke @lauramargarita
May 07, 2020
great workout. especially those mountain climbers....
Xara Kanellopoulou @xara222
May 07, 2020
Very Good!!!
Very Nice.
Beatriz Carmo Pereira @BeatrizRPereira
May 04, 2020
great exercise
Absolutely loved it.
Maya @Skincareaddict
April 29, 2020
Too difficult for day 2
It was a good workout but it was a little difficult for only day two of the workouts. A lot of arm strength is needed because a lot of the exercises are done in a pushup position.
Sofia @Sosospins
April 22, 2020
For 10 mins
It provides an intense challenge
Keisha @ke2keep
April 08, 2020
Love it!
Great workout
francesca gemma @francescagemma
April 08, 2020
Great workouts
Day two way to hard for plus size beginners. Day 1 was a perfect challenge. I will keep trying these but may try different workouts.
Julie REMACK @Jremack
April 07, 2020
was ok..
..not my favourite one. but for 10 mins its good :)
Joy @choiahoi
April 06, 2020 Vienna
Day 2 and I felt it
What a fun ab session. Challenging with great modifiers. My plan is to complete the series and I did feel sore from standing ABS day 1 (unexpected suprise).
JJ Smith @nostrajjgreenleaf
March 29, 2020
Great workout!
Eva @evitag
March 26, 2020
This are 10 intense minutes. Awesome :)
Mirabela @mirabella
March 26, 2020 Germany
Great abs in the morning
I can see how this video would be impossible for beginners but stick with it because you will get stronger. Great little wake-me-up when I don't have time for a longer workout before I leave some mornings.
akoko @akoko
November 08, 2019
Good ab workout!
A challenge for sure!
DB @dbuttman
November 05, 2019
Day 2
I did it πŸ‘
Dorota @Dorotasps
October 27, 2019
So good!
Great core work out! Loved day 2! Feeling the burn!
Jenn @jenniferdanis
September 14, 2019
Day 2
WOW! This was so hard!
Ariel @marina.kisyova
September 13, 2019
I did it! 2-nd Day
I just finished my second day of training ,but it was very good! I am exiting to do the next one tomorrow! Thank You Girls!
Alexander @AlexBo
September 02, 2019
Day 2 really burned and is really challenging for the 2nd day. Can't wait to see how many days it'll take for that not to be as challenging.
Almddm1231 @Almddm1231
August 22, 2019
Day 2 ABS challenge
Maybe a hard one for beginners - but completing this made me feel very good. This really fired up my abs!!
Michelle @M22019
June 04, 2019
Is this really for beginners?
I am a true beginner and a plus size, this video is way to hard after day 1.
Lauri McGuire @lmcguire23
May 06, 2019
doesn't work
This video keeps giving error and we can't do the work our
Jaswoman @jaswoman
March 27, 2019
Good Burn
That crammed a lot of work into 10 minutes! I was shaking. I think I'll feel that tomorrow!
Paige Ross @paigeross88
March 09, 2019
Day 2
I really liked some of the older moves with some added challenge. Great workout!
Stacy @Schalmers
March 01, 2019