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Day 13: 30-Minute Full-Body Shred

4.9 Stars · 12 Reviews

Equipment needed: 2 medium free weights

Category: Week 2

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 12 Reviews
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 24, 2022
Sweat all the way!
Love the workout! Soo tense and got me sweating all along! Highly recommend!
Swathi @swathibala90
May 28, 2021
That was intense!!!! and I loved it!
Becky Gunkel @BeckyG
July 13, 2020
better than i anticipated
i thought this was going to be really hard as it was 30 mins but it was really great. i could probably do it for an hour!
ruby hart @fitnessruby
June 28, 2020
really good!
another good wo
Isa @isa.garciac
June 15, 2020
i'm sweating like crazy
It's burning and i like it!
Sah Audrey @AudreySah
June 14, 2020
This one got me sweating like never!! So far, one of my best workouts :D
May 07, 2020
Awesome Full Body!
Love the sets...the planks and the walking burpees.
LJL @Ljljljl8
April 16, 2020
So good!
This is my 13th day on the 30-day challenge and it was great! I loved the feeling at the end, I felt motivated to do more! If i had something to add I would say that I would love to have a cooldown at the end, but other than that highly recommended.
Veronica Jimenez @verojvi
April 14, 2020
Best one by far
I will be coming back to this one again and again. I worked hard and I feel it everywhere.
Theresa @teesays
April 11, 2020
Good !
Good workout !
Claire Flurin @cflurin
April 11, 2020 Paris France
Day 13
Best workout yet! I'm sweaty, I feel like I worked hard and I am happy! Nice job!
Stacy @Schalmers
March 13, 2019