Day 12: 30-Minute Cardio, Ab, and Booty Blast from 4-Week Full-Body Fusion β€’ Active by POPSUGAR
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Day 12: 30-Minute Cardio, Ab, and Booty Blast

4.9 Stars · 33 Reviews

Get ready for exercises like planks, bird dogs, and Pilates pretzels to tone your abs and booty.

  • Equipment needed: none
Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 33 Reviews
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 23, 2022
Made my booty burn
Great workout, felt the burn! I will definitely be sore tomorrow
Melodie @MSlightningtwirl
June 14, 2022
A more 'moderate' Jake workout
Don't be fooled though... you'll still be burning. This one feels primarily booty focused--the abs, arms and cardio sections were pretty easy in comparison. His pacing is also a lot more reasonable compared to some of his other workouts. A good 'starter' video for shaking it with Jake!
Lauren Roberts @LaurenECRoberts
November 10, 2020
I worked parts of my body I wasn't aware about.
Christine @ChristineNjezz
August 28, 2020
Love it!!!
Thank you Jake! I am now fond of the tiny little circles! Jake keeps you moving and pumped all along! Great workout!!
Swathi @swathibala90
August 27, 2020
Interesting but...
This trainer has interesting ideas and ways to work . The but...has to do with speed. He needs to take chill pill and give folks a little processing time between moves.
Janis Clifton @jmclifton
August 20, 2020
I love Jake. He is so much fun. I look forward to all of his workouts. I've been doing his videos since quarantine started, and my fiance is loving the results πŸ˜πŸ‘
Cierra Ambrose @xcierra94
July 07, 2020
I really didn’t want to do this workout today (it’s not you it’s me lol) but I really loved it, specially the isolated booty cheek exercise.
Maria Alejandra Chacin @mayiichacin
July 03, 2020
This workout makes it hurt in all the right places. Jake has really good energy, is super fun, you really dont need a break if you pace yourself. Really get you sweating.
Lucia Alejandra Reina Licona @larl31789
June 19, 2020
Jake is always great. Jake, you are really great!!
Niranjan Parkhi @niru16082002
June 19, 2020
Mucki @Muksch
June 18, 2020
Very intense
It was a great workout, lots of burns, no pauses. It felt great, but I could not keep up with it 100%, sometimes I needed a break
Giulia @giuliafreitas
June 08, 2020
I didn't want to work out today, but I made myself, and I feel so much better! This was a great workout! OK, a little painful at times, but I feel accomplished and actually have more energy than before! Thanks, Jake!
Valerie @chufflebean
June 06, 2020
Burn baby burn
Jake and his workout are fantastic, makes my smile while I am sweatingπŸ˜…
June 03, 2020
Jake was amazing again but my abs and booty were on fire. Such a great workout and he has such great energy!.
Jesenia Gervacio @jeseniag78
May 30, 2020
Shake it for Jake!
Great booty workout! You’ll find yourself laughing at some Jake’s little sayings and thanking’re welcome! πŸ˜‚
Laura @Laura1971
May 25, 2020
Burn the booty
Love this workout with Jake. Burns!
liz de kort @MariaLiz
May 01, 2020
DAY 12 DONE!!!
Great workout! Bootilicious
Saumya @sk3110
April 24, 2020
want tight abs and booty lifted do this workout!
Gloria w Purter @gpurter
April 07, 2020
You could feel the burn after these exercises but loved it! I hope I can walk tomorrow. May need to stretch more!
Roisin @rwelsh
April 03, 2020
Equipment needed: a towel
I am dripping sweat. But gosh the energy!!!! I absolutely loved the workout. hopefully i can walk tomorrow without my booty aching for rest!!
Nat @santaclaus
April 01, 2020
Great workout
As usuall, Jake is killing (and I'm pretty fit). Probably tomorrow my muscles will scream. However, it feels like ab and booty workout (a fantastic one!) and less cardio, as has been written, at least for me.
Hadar @Hadar
March 29, 2020
Great leg workout!
so good!
Lucia Gonzalez Reig @luligreig
March 28, 2020
Shake with Jake!
Jake's workouts are always wonderful & intense as he never takes breaks, so those muscles burn! Very effective!
Mary @MPC007
January 24, 2020
killer exercises
I think I won't wake up tomorrow! Love youuuu!
Claudia Andrade @caandrade
January 23, 2020
Always a quick workout with Jake and muscles are always a good way.
Meghan @LoveMeg
January 20, 2020
Knock it and knock it
Brutal on the booty. Just what I need!
Alli Tidwell @allibtidwell
January 14, 2020
My booty hurt…
In a good way! Thanks, Jake.
KP Manning @nkmanning34
January 14, 2020
What a booty workout!
It was a tough workout for me, but the pacing and his energy helps me stay motivated. I'm quickly becoming a fan of his workouts, too.
beezobia @beezobia
January 14, 2020
Burn baby
I'm going to feel this!
Sherri @SherriR
January 13, 2020
Good Booty Workout
Jake killed it so good at toning your butt.
mtasampson @mtasampson
January 12, 2020
Tough and no pauses
This is a killer workout but I felt great afterwards! His workouts never disappoint, Jake always makes these simple moves absolutely killer. Thank you!!! One of the best videos!
DiCso @DiCso
January 12, 2020