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Day 11: 30-Minute Core & Foam Roller Fusion Workout

4.8 Stars · 6 Reviews

If you’re feeling sore today, we have you covered with the core-focused workout followed by a little self-massage with a foam roller. This video workout will leave you ready to conquer the remaining workouts of the week.

Equipment needed:

  • foam roller

For advanced version:

  • 2 light dumbbells

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 6 Reviews
Great Workout
Great workout for boosting core and stability, only one star off because it requires a longer foam roller. I learned to improvise this time though, and my body is feeling great!
Melodie @MSlightningtwirl
May 20, 2022
Clear instructions and interesting circuits
I had to improvise a roller, but look forward to finding the real thing
claire @clairebeynon
May 13, 2020
2nd time doing this one! :)
I LOVE this one, it seems we work the abs more than in the Arms&Abs workout! And I want to add a personal comment about the foam roller. At the beggining, I was wondering if I should invest in a longer foam roller. The problem is, the only two times the foam roller is used in all the workouts on Active seem to be the two workouts in this program. I wish there was like a full-body foam rolling video. SO, that being said, I figured it wasn't worth it to spend more money, and for the two first exercises on the roller (laying on the roller), I just do it laying on the mat because my roller is too short for me to lay on it, but I don't think it brings the same benefits. :)
Julie Archambault @juar946
May 10, 2020
It gets easier
This felt really challenging the first time, but even at just the second time it was much less painful (and I feel really great after). Looking forward to continuing this so I can see even more improvement.
AMPL @alana14164
May 06, 2020 FL
Definitely noticed a difference from last week. I'm feeling stronger and more capable.
Alison @alison
October 23, 2019 Colorado
Core and Foam Roller
Love it!
Heather @heatherraewrites
August 23, 2019