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At-Home Cardio For Beginners

5.0 Stars · 12 Reviews
This at-home cardio workout is only 15 minutes long and requires absolutely no equipment. The video is full of modifications and low-impact options too.
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 12 Reviews
Short and sweet
It is a great workout for beginners, but also for not beginners that need a short boost
Lolinloggen @Active2Stay
January 26, 2021
Great to get moving again
Achievable. Good to see a lower impact version displayed.
Natalie @nataliew
September 20, 2020
Great for beginners
Got my heart rate up in no time! Love her clear instructions
August 30, 2020
Good core workout
This was a great one!
Wendy @wendywitlieb
August 15, 2020
Great workout!
Natalia A @natcat
June 24, 2020
So encouraging because it is challenging yet doable and I feel fantastic after completing it!
Suzanne Parker @parkersuzanne321
May 27, 2020
Nice information
Emilia @Emiliaeva
May 27, 2020
This was a great start to the day and made me sweat. Felt the burn, but I love it
Shrita @scrittle
April 29, 2020
You will sweat even if not a beginner
I decided to try this for a 5 AM workout, when I wanted to work but not get crazy sweaty. I am not an athlete but also not a beginner - I have been doing cycle and barre classes as well as a variety of online classes for quite a while. This got my heart rate up for sure, and my FitBit showed a third of the time in my cardio heart rate zone and the rest in my fat burning zone.
Robyn @Rockawaygirl1
April 22, 2020
Great for Beginners!
This was great for beginners, quick and easy to follow moves but def a good workout! I was able to follow along, pace was good! loved it!
sarah @ssmku
April 18, 2020
Good start
Good start for a beginner, simple moves but challenging enough to get the heart rate up.
April 02, 2020
High energy fun
claire @clairebeynon
April 02, 2020