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45-Minute Cardio and Toning Workout

4.8 Stars · 30 Reviews
This barre-inspired workout requires no equipment and we offer modifications through out.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 30 Reviews
Great workout!
Great workout for barre fans.
Cosmina Feuer @cosminafeuer
February 17, 2022
45-Minute Cardio and Toning Workout
Excellent workout! Will definitely do it again soon!!
Haley H @hjholland
April 09, 2021
Toning Yes, Cardio less
I chose this workout because it said Cardio and Toning. Toning was the main thing in this barre class. And I agree Agree with @macarena that the yoga and relaxation could be less It does not mean I did not enjoy it, I did. It just was not the workout I had thought it would be.
Lolinloggen @Active2Stay
December 21, 2020
Loved it
This is my new favorite full-body no equipment workout. Thank you!!!
marianatbc @marianatbc
December 13, 2020
New favorite
I loved this class - Marni is fabulous! I have been taking barre for 20 years and this class was right up there with some of the best. The cardio start was a great beginning to a challenging workout. Thank you Marni! I’ll be back!
Kay Cirillo @Kayc
November 01, 2020
All In One!
This was a great workout! Got me sweating and I’m sore from the toning exercises.....love it!! I’m just getting back into exercise after an injury and this was a perfect place to start!
September 10, 2020
I loved it!!
camila @camimedina1
August 25, 2020
Fun and new
This was a innovative workout! A mix of aerobic barre Pilates and yoga! Was a nice change of pace.
Anna @amifarra
August 18, 2020
loved it!
230 calories :)
clara @claritasofia
August 08, 2020
love Marni
Marni is my favorite. I love how spiritual she is. What a burner!
Lyndsey Oraw @lyndseyoraw
July 13, 2020
Fantastic instructor
I've really enjoyed her 2 classes that I have managed to find on here - would really love more with Marnie, please.
Francesca @francescatig
June 29, 2020 Cape Town
Strenght and full body
That was an amazing workout.... learned lots!!
goodwin @joe
May 27, 2020
Love it!!!!
Diana @Dianacar27
May 26, 2020
Love it !
This is one of my favorites. I try to do it everyday!
Marie Roas @MarieRojas
May 23, 2020
I loveeeeee this work out! One of my favorites, and the ending Amazing!!
Edna Santos @ednasantos
May 18, 2020 Monterrey, México
Love it!
All inc! :)
Ebru Bedir @EbruBedir
May 02, 2020
Loved all the barre exercises, would love even more!
Alysa @AlysaShea
April 19, 2020
My favourite trainer
Loved this workout. Another favourite for me.
Ellie @Ellie.Kostova
April 16, 2020
Great workout! Good combination of cardio and strength.
Loved this workout! Would love to see more videos from instructor Marnie. Additional cardio would be great!
Christine Filarski @cfilarski
April 11, 2020
great but some drawbacks
I enjoyed this but I didn't like how she made us do yoga in between sets I felt myself get too relaxed and didnt have the energy to go back into more intense movements immediately after
macarena @macarenag
April 09, 2020
I loved this. An all round brilliant workout without the hectic cardio. Will definitely be doing this one again and look forward to more from this instructor.
Mandy Ritchie @mandyritchie
April 06, 2020
Wasn't my favorite
I liked the instruction and most of the exercises. I just found it a little too fouled on ballet and dance moves for my taste.
stacie orloff @stacieoblum59
April 03, 2020
Great barre class but doesn't actually use a barre
I think more advanced participants could use small weights on the arm exercises.
Rebecca Davie @Beckstar!
April 03, 2020
Loved it!
Definitely going to be doing this one again. Would love to see more videos from her
Mumbi Daniels @mumbidaniels_
April 02, 2020
I loved this workout - the 45 minutes went by so quickly and it was a great balance of a total body workout. You can tell the instructor is really educated and knows what she exactly which muscles are working in every exercise and stretch.
MSaff @msaffer
April 02, 2020
I love this!
She's so good! I want more barre workout with here, pretty pleeeease. i really enjoy them!
martina @minimarti
March 30, 2020 italy
Cardio, strength, stretching, such a good vibe!
Azulz Benedito @azulzbenedito
March 26, 2020
Challenging and fun!
Quite fast paced compared to other pilates-type workouts that I've tried which is something I've been looking for. Challenging but still fun and soft! Great that there are modifications both to make it more advanced and easier + low impact. A great pilates and barre inspired workout!
Alma @almalma
March 25, 2020
I love this workout! Currently on my 5th go - challenging but fun and good intensity. Moves through warm up, cardio, arms abs and warm down with additions from yoga and stretch sets throughout. Burns loads of calories and works you hard! 💚
Rebekka Coles @beks23
March 18, 2020