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40-Minute Pilates-Fusion Workout with Kit Rich

4.9 Stars · 18 Reviews

Join celebrity trainer Kit Rich for a full-body pilates fusion workout.

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 18 Reviews
I love Kit Rich and this workout is one of her hardest for sure! She knows how to motivate while also pushing you past what you think your limit is by getting you through some really tough moves. LOVE!
November 21, 2020
Great mix of everything!
This was my first workout with Kit, and it was a really great one for a Friday morning, with a good mix of everything. Tbh, I thought I would have needed to do this workout with some light weights to get my heart rate up, but I wasn't that organised this morning and it wasn't even necessary. Will definitely be trying some more from her weekly.
Francesca @francescatig
August 21, 2020 Cape Town
Amazing workout!
Watched two of her workouts now and I love that they don't have too much jumping in them :) Amazing energy as well! Always feel motivated when working out with her :D xx
Annabelle ❤️ @annxbelle.i
July 07, 2020
The Best
It's a great workout, you must try it! Thank you Kit!
Katalin Babelláné Lukács @papucsella
June 08, 2020
Kit is my favorite instructor on Popsugar! Would love to see more content from her. Workouts are super enjoyable and work you hard. I love learning new ways to move my body.
Nicole @nhakli
May 28, 2020
kit always has something a little different!
thanks kit and popsugar for another great fusion workout
Marianne @mprabhu
May 19, 2020
feeling good
nice full body workout...feeling the abs!!
Benedetta @benecavalca
May 17, 2020
Love this fusion
Always love your workouts, Kit!
Tor @torwalls
May 10, 2020
great workout
I appreciate the pilates workouts
Sara @likethehotdog
May 07, 2020
Loved this
Absolutely loved this workout! I feel every muscle in my body!
MSaff @msaffer
May 07, 2020
thank you for this workout
costanza @erd45r
May 04, 2020
Wow, my whole body is thankful for this workout.
Teodora Georgieva @Teodorageorgieva
May 02, 2020
Kit is the best!
I feel so strong with her! Thank you and I hope in the future to have you again on line!
Luciana @lucianagarofalo
April 30, 2020
Kit Rocks
Man I love this woman. Great workout. Please keep them coming from Kit Rich!
A @africa
April 30, 2020
Truly a great great trainer
Kit classes have it all. She's one of a kind you should try all her classes......
Adva @Adva
April 28, 2020
very good work thanks
Renata Carcano @Kuro
April 27, 2020
Love Kit
She always gets me sweating and feeling strong.
Kayla @kvpie
April 27, 2020
No body else can train like her
I am getting results by following her . She is great motivator......and brilliant trainer. Have a happy workout with her
Afshan Atique @afshan
April 27, 2020