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35-Minute Barry's Workout

4.1 Stars · 7 Reviews

Get ready for a challenge with this bodyweight workout from Barrys trainer Chelsea Cox (@coach_chelsc)! Expect moves like side lunges, burpees, and push-ups to work every muscle. This is an advanced workout, so take breaks as needed, and let Chelsea motivate you to push past your comfort zone.

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.1 | 7 Reviews
Too difficult
The warm up was extremely hard and a little too long for me :( I'm always up for a challenge but I had to take so many breaks because it was too hard!! The actual workout was easier than the warm up! Also wish there was a longer cool down :/ But if you're into the nitty gritty then this is definitely for you :) x
Annabelle ❤️ @annxbelle.i
August 31, 2020
As mentioned in the review before, the warmup was very difficult. It didn’t feel like a warmup. The workout after a warmup was challenging enough, even really challenging, so I would wish for longer cooldown. But all in all I think I will do it again because afterwards I felt great.
June 29, 2020
Include softer warmup
Recommend a softer warmup and then go into this. The warm up tensed my muscles more so than warmed them.
Aliya @atk_girl
June 25, 2020
This will definitely get your heart rate up and challenge you. Also a decent diversity of exercises but I wish she varied it a little more.
Sasha @gymbunny
June 23, 2020
Great Workout
Very challenging but doable!
CamilaGG @Camila
June 19, 2020
So challenging! Loved it!!
Naz Fulton @nazhfulton
June 18, 2020
Love it!
Ana Marta César de Sá @cesardesa
June 18, 2020