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30-Minute Yoga Flow For Abs and Butt

4.9 Stars · 58 Reviews
This yoga series lengthens while it strengthens while focusing on tightening and toning your glutes and core.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 58 Reviews
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Luckas Paul @master234
March 30, 2024
Great Yoga
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Winona @Winona32
November 04, 2023
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Albert Holland @Albert0
September 02, 2023
Fantastic and quick
It’s a perfect power yoga for a day ure crunched for time ..
Angelique @angelique024
March 20, 2023 USA
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corin purslow @corinpurslow
October 15, 2022
Fantastic and quick
It’s a perfect power yoga for a day ure crunched for time ..
September 29, 2021
Ahh what a way to start the morning
This work out helped relieve tension I was feeling in the morning and helped me to start the day. The power flow felt like the 30 min flew by. Definitely recommend it.
Heather @carrh304
June 27, 2021
Great Yoga
really liked the pace
Ora @oras
May 12, 2021
The BEST yoga class!
This is what I imagine when I want power yoga! It was perfect. Instructions are so clear. I will like to see Jess more often :)
Tihana OtmačiΔ‡ @titaotma
December 09, 2020
Great Flow
Great music too.
Maxine @Xine99
October 27, 2020
Nice for more relaxed day
Loved it. It is a quick flow with just enough challenges for the muscles. Would like to see more from Jess.
October 18, 2020
Great but though
Good work for the muscles but at the same time relaxing and stretching
Giulia @giuliafreitas
September 07, 2020
Easy to follow with lots of modifications
As a beginner, I found this session easy to follow. Lots of modifications. A good workout!
Erin Clemence @ErinClemence
August 15, 2020
Quick Session
Overall was a great session. A bit too quick for my liking.
Yasmin @yasminsalah
July 29, 2020
Amazing workout
I love it
Zohra Sahraoui @zohra06
June 27, 2020
Great flow yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ thanks πŸ™
June 10, 2020
Good for non-cardio days
This video consists of three different flows and the instructor goes through each one twice. It's great for non-cardio days where you still want to move and practice strength. She goes pretty quick though, so it would help if you're already familiar with basic yoga terms and positions.
Nix B @nblask
May 26, 2020
that feels good
Loved the rhythm of this one. Feels great afterwards.
Alice Achoo @aliceachoo
May 19, 2020
Perfect amount of stretch and workout.
Helen Ardman @hcarterva
May 19, 2020
Pure enjoyment!
Wonderful and energizing flow....just what I needed to jumpstart my day! Kudos to you for offering these videosπŸ‘πŸ˜€. Short but sweet!
Lois Gilman @loos
May 18, 2020
Awesome work
Although my first yoga class, I could folllow. Thank you from Italy
Lorenza @oriella2013
May 17, 2020
Fun and Easy Flow
This is probably my yoga workout on here. Highly recommend!!!
Destiney Rowena @Destineyrowena
May 14, 2020
Working out and relaxing
I loved it as a yoga workout, feel really relaxed, my back hurts a little bit. It's no beginners workout, but I like it for the days I don't feel like pushing too hard.
Minerva Bolanos @mineerb
May 11, 2020
5 Star Class!
One of the very favorite classes I go back to often when I want to feel energized!!
Joan Riemar @joanriemar
May 10, 2020
great flow
enjoyed it. :)
Spinder Samra @spinder
May 09, 2020
Perfect wake up!
Of all the online yoga videos, Jess is by far my favorite. Challenging with a good flow. I with there were more yoga classes with her :-)
Diana Zelvin @dianazelvin
May 08, 2020
Positive and Relaxing
This instructor reminded me of my favorite yoga instructor, who I miss seeing live! I agree with the last review...Not sure the title is appropriate, as there is no real emphasis on abs and booty, but it is a nice relaxing flow. I like going through one time slow to get a deeper stretch and then speeding it up the second time through.
Candace @thechawkes
May 06, 2020
Too easy if you know yoga. Basic flow nothing specific to abs.
Not specific to abs or butt, normal easy yoga flow
Ashley Robbins @AshleyBintheCity
May 06, 2020
Loved it
Like others have said, it's a great little challenger of a flow. Loved it!!
Alexandra Oliver @alxoliver
May 05, 2020
Great instructor!
Loved her images and clear descriptive instructions through each pose.
Michael Lester @lestersams
April 27, 2020
Perfect Flow!
This workout is the perfect combination of strength and stretching. Perfect way to start a day, or end a night. The instructor is calming and has great instructions, you don't even need to look at her to be able to follow along.
MSaff @msaffer
April 26, 2020
Warm relaxation
Very good! A moderate amount of heat build up to feel warm and able to strengthen and stretch muscles. Perfect for low intensity yoga routine.
Selena S @sds280
April 20, 2020
this is the best PS yet!!
goodwin @joe
April 16, 2020
Just the right amount of challenge
fast and stretchy
Dawn @dlanasa
April 12, 2020
So rewarding!
Felt great ending in shavasana after all that work! I definitely broke a sweat from this yoga workout
Phoebe Snell @Prskie05
April 09, 2020
Great instructor
Fantastic instructor - you dont event need to look at the screen to follow the flow. All moved explained well.
Emily Harper @postivityemily
April 05, 2020
Perfect daily practice
Great for a beginner like myself.
Susan Sun @choppedsuey
March 31, 2020
Great workout!
Was a great mix of stretching and strengthening. I really enjoyed starting my day with it!
Blair @blairwortsmith
March 30, 2020
Perfect Flow
I enjoyed this flow. Easy to follow, and a great workout!
Ann @beachozawa
March 28, 2020
Great balanced workout
Great balanced workout between relaxing, stretching and building up a tad sweat. Feel so good afterwards. My go to workout for a low intensity, challenging enough workout
Jen @123
March 27, 2020
Perfect flow
I loved this Vinyasa flow. Truly perfect for all levels
Sancha Fernandez-Vidler @sanchafv
March 27, 2020
Fun and Effective Flow
All of the reviews here are true. Quick flow, work up a good sweat, challenging and yet relaxing at the same time. The instructor does a good job cuing and there is really no need to look at the screen at all, unless you are a beginner.... in which case, I think this flow is still accessible for you. I did this two days and in a row and I like it even more today. Thank you!
Wendy Ho @hopuisze
March 26, 2020
Amazing Flow!
Loved this quickie yoga class. It was the perfect amount of challenging and relaxing all in one. Crank up the heat and you got yourself a hot yoga power flow. Highly recommend.
Ashley @ashleywindwhistler
March 26, 2020
Good Workout
Pulled a good sweat in 30 minutes. I feel stronger and more flexible!
Kerry @kairey
March 26, 2020
Great workout
Great quick yoga flow for all levels!!!!!
Stacy Lee Damsgaard @sdamsgaard
March 25, 2020
Nice quick flow
Great flow and got my heart rate up. The first few minutes felt awkward but after you start flowing it was fine.
Amy @amyban89
March 24, 2020
Love this
This gets your heart rate up, but I didn’t feel like I was dying.
Julie Carico @julieitaly1
March 24, 2020
Tough but worth it
I really enjoyed this workout, I'm a beginner at yoga but each move was well explained and I managed to follow all the flow. Really nice.
martina @minimarti
March 22, 2020 italy
Loved it
Yoga newbie here; challenging but worth it. Will definitely do it again.
Michelle Dunkley @mdbld82
March 22, 2020
I just love it! It's powerful, stretching and relaxing work out at the same time.
Regina @belmondo
March 22, 2020
Powerful 30 mins
Each move we did was a challenge, making this a power packed 30 minutes of class. Very much enjoyed it!
Jennifer Haviland @jennyhaviland
March 21, 2020
Great short yoga sequence!
Exactly what I was looking for. Loved the instructor and the commentary during the workout!
Jean @mizjeanjacobs
March 21, 2020
Perfect at any age
I'm 69 and could keep up with it (with effort) and it felt like a really good workout when I was done. I should add I've been doing yoga for 40 years so I wasn't a newbie, but if I can still do this so can you!
Judi Bloom @Drjudi
March 21, 2020
Great Flow!!
I really enjoyed this class! It was the perfect intermediate class with an energizing rhythm. It was the perfect way to start my day with a little sweat and not just your typical Sun A Sun B.
Maddy Kahle @madskahle
March 20, 2020
My go-to for a quick sweat!
I love Y7! Now that I've moved somewhere that doesn't have a Y7 studio, this really hit home.
Courtney @courtalexs
March 18, 2020
Great glass
Just what I needed day 4 of quarantine:)
Cailynn West @cailynnwest
March 17, 2020
Just right
It was challenging, but fun - felt great when it was over.
Brandyn Iverson @Brandyn
February 08, 2020
Sweet Sweat!
Loved this Flow! thanks for the great workout!
Katelynn Williams @katedaniwill
January 29, 2020