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30-Minute Yoga and Strength Hybrid Workout With Claire Fountain

4.9 Stars · 10 Reviews

[Presented by Under Armour] Join Under Armour trainer Claire Fountain for a yoga and strength hybrid workout that will leave you feeling strong and restored. During this session, you’ll flow through different poses β€” including Warrior 2, lunges, and planks β€” to tone your muscles. Remember to listen to your body and take these 30 minutes for you. Claire will provide modified and advanced versions of the exercises so you can customize this class for what feels best for you in each moment.

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 10 Reviews
Great to start
I haven't been able to practice any yoga or any sports for the past 3 months. This workout is perfect to start again your routine.
sofia @sofi.ar
January 17, 2022
Nice workout
A good start a bit more direction needed overall a good beginning
roxanne @MickeyMoo16
May 27, 2021 Victoria, BC Canada
Great workout
Got my heart pumping just enough and my muscles working, but with nice stretching and a relaxing pace.
Leanne Groot @leannegroot
March 02, 2021
Great hybrid video at the end of my workout week. Nice combination of yoga and strength to stretch and still sweat.
Merily Hernandez @mhernandez
June 26, 2020
great yoga and strength
I usually hate yoga because I like a more fast paced work out but this was a nice yoga and strength workout that made me sweat but wasn't over the top.
Annisa @cactusflowerjr
June 21, 2020
loved it!
I usually have trouble finding yoga videos I like, but I loved this one! Enjoyed the mix of strength and stretching. I will def be doing this one again and hope to do more workouts by Claire!
Anneliese @anneliese
June 04, 2020
This felt like the perfect yoga flow! It was a strengthening workout during some moments and a relaxing stretch sequence during others.
Nix B @nblask
May 31, 2020
nice hybrid
good to stretch out at the end of the day
Marianne @mprabhu
May 18, 2020
Great Class
I love this workout!
Angela Dawn Edwards @dawn8098
May 16, 2020 South Carolina
So strong!
Clear guidance, great flow sequence!
rainbow @rainbowpanda
May 12, 2020