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30-Minute Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs

5.0 Stars · 15 Reviews
Get ready to work your abs, legs, and butt with this toning and sculpting workout. The workout mixes Pilates, dance, and yoga to create long, lean muscles. If you're a beginner grab a chair to help you balance — other than that no equipment is needed.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 15 Reviews
Love it! very effective
Great workout, complete and making all the body burn!
martina @martylafayette
December 27, 2021
Really loved it... the workout I needed to get myself back at it. One of the best I've had!
Cass @casspal
July 30, 2021
though omg
felt the burn every exercise
Giulia @giuliafreitas
October 20, 2020
I felt that burn all throughout this workout! So intense but so rewarding at the end!
Tshepang @tshepi
August 06, 2020
Love this one!
I love this workout! It really challenges me and I feel great afterwards. It’s fun, too! And it shows you can have a really thorough workout without lots of jumping around or weights.
Julie @beautifuljulie
July 30, 2020
Everything I need
Ilona Remmerswaal @Loontje
July 29, 2020
Great workout for a burn out!
This will have your legs, arms and abs burning! I loved this workout! Thank you. I liked the instructor and how she kept such great count. She had great energy and was knowledgeable!
Melissa Griffith @strakegriff
July 07, 2020
Pretty hard but amazing workout! I felt great!
Bella Scott @bella27076
May 29, 2020
Loved it!
Loved especially ab series, I've never done that before!
Adriele Rodrigues @adrielerodr
May 14, 2020
Loved it!!
Love how she mixed ballet with yoga!! Amazing!!
Edna Santos @ednasantos
May 12, 2020 Monterrey, México
Amazing workout!
I love this work out for my legs. Great for toning!
Nicole DeBarbieri Mehta @bella12345
May 07, 2020
Great leg and abs workout, it really burns
Gizem YILMAZ @gizem.yz
May 04, 2020
Great toning workout
I really like these nice small movements that help toning every part of your body!
Fanny Garlan @FannySemra
May 03, 2020
Glutes, Legs, Arms oh my...
Worked out lots of body parts- really enjoyed! This helped my supertight hamstrings too!
Shell @ShellD
April 29, 2020
Loved this workout!
Really loved this workout, especially the arm series. Adding it to my collection so I can do it again tomorrow!
April 07, 2020