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30-Minute Sculpt, Sweat, Stretch, and Connect

5.0 Stars · 14 Reviews

Join M/BODY founder Marnie Alton for a 30-minute session to sculpt, sweat, and stretch! This workout includes cardio-intensive moves to get your heart rate up and toning exercises to work every muscle in your body. For an extra challenge, use a pair of light free weights or water bottles to work your upper body and improve your posture. 

Find more workouts from Marnie on: https://mbodyonline.com/

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 14 Reviews
I love her and Crista for boxing. So positive and focus.
Johann @johann
February 24, 2021
It feels so good!
I always love Marnie's workouts so much! this one is just as good as the others, I feel so good after doing it : )
Clemence @Tinoftea
August 31, 2020
Loidalee @loidalee
August 27, 2020
Love her workouts! they are always my favorite!!
Rachel @rachelw
August 19, 2020
Perfect combo!
Total body, plus cardio. Great workout, great trainer. Thank you!
Maya Tanner @MayaTanner
August 18, 2020
Great Barre workout
Marnie is always the best. Her workouts have a unique style, always effective. Highly recommended!
martina @martylafayette
August 15, 2020
Short and sweet sweaty sesh
This is good one when you have just enough time to get your heart rate up and target muscle toning
elisha S @es22
August 02, 2020
Barre at its finest
I really like Marnie’s workouts because she does great combination of cardio and strenght. And she is so kind and makes it seem so effortless, even easy but it’s so effective.
July 29, 2020
sweaty and funny
it's a good workout! she mixes cardio and strengthening exercises for the full body. loved it!
Francesca Borsato @borsatofrancesca
July 27, 2020
Marnie is my favorite!
Her workouts are awesome. I love that she provides modifications. I genuinely feel better and more relaxed afterwards. More Marnie please!
July 21, 2020
she is the best
I love Marnie! This was a great workout! This my favorite so far of her workouts. I loved the weight portion!
Lyndsey Oraw @lyndseyoraw
July 15, 2020
Grin and Barre It ;)
Marnie does a fab barre workout- nice mix of cardio and strength. Great way to start the day!!!
Shell @ShellD
July 15, 2020
Empowering Barre Workout
Marnie offers my favorite barre workouts. There’s a great mix of cardio & full-body toning. She cues well and gives options for more high impact moves. I always feel empowered after doing her workouts. I found Marnie on the popsugar you tube channel and loved her workouts so much I subscribed to her mbodyonline.com website when it came out.
Wendy T @sunlady
July 14, 2020
Great workout!
Loved the mixture of cardio and strengthening exercises! And Marnie seems so kind!
Nix B @nblask
July 14, 2020