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30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Workout

5.0 Stars · 21 Reviews

Get ready forΒ 30 minutesΒ of nonstop cardio from Deja Riley. Let Deja's energy inspire you to keep going through these high-intensity moves. Remember: start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can! YOU GOT THIS!

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 21 Reviews
Fun and Challenging Workout!
Love her positive energy and a great workout!
Bollywood Biography @bollywoodbiography.in
February 28, 2023 India
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corin purslow @corinpurslow
October 13, 2022
This was an awesome workout. Great variety of cardio exercises, it really got my heart rate up there. Deja is an amazing trainer and I love that she plays great music with her workouts!
wongstar @wongstar19
August 15, 2021
Super cardio
Oh dear I'm sweating so much. I look like I just took a shower. Great cardio workout to get started!
marianatbc @marianatbc
February 06, 2021
One of the best
Deja is the most positive, motivating trainer! I love doing her workouts and always feel uplifted after them. This particular workout is always a burn. I love that she offers good modifiers in case you are having a rough day for your knees or need to take things down a notch.
Pam @pammie823
December 12, 2020 Chicago
Positive & Challenging
Thanks Deja for an uplifting challenging workout!!!
Shell @ShellD
July 09, 2020
Fun and Challenging Workout!
I feel so great right now! Deja is so great, love her style. Would really love to see more workouts from her!
Lauren @laurenc
July 07, 2020
Strong + sweat
Great leader motivates until the last moment, super strong workout. Feeling great! Thank you!
Nina Ninis @ninanina
July 04, 2020
Love this workout...wish it was longer! Love how Deja ROCKED out - hardly find any workouts to rock music, its ace! Well done xx
helen @hwitt
July 01, 2020
Hot and sweaty!
Great cardio workout! Try adding in boxing gloves if you want an extra challenge.
Maya Tanner @MayaTanner
July 01, 2020
High Intensity Vibes!
Wow! I felt like Deja was right beside me pushing me on with her bubbly enthusiasm and kick ass motivation. Awesome full body workout. Deja you rock!
Lisa @LisaDanceGirl
June 30, 2020
Thank you Deja!
Great workout! There were times when I thought about stopping, but you're so encouraging, I couldn't! Loved it, thank you Deja!
D Koo @Notolady
June 29, 2020
Great Energy
What awesome, motivating, spiritual energy she has! This workout was giving me adrenaline chills that made me stronger throughout the exercises.
Megan @meganp54
June 28, 2020
She's such a great fitness host, the workout is high energy, and her words are so encouraging!
Caroline Goon @catwuhuu
June 28, 2020
Killer workout!
Love it!!
Angie @angiechas
June 27, 2020 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Kicked my butt!
Wow! That was an intense workout! Deja was so fun and motivating, it went super fast! I'm sweating all over the place!!!!
Naz Fulton @nazhfulton
June 26, 2020
One of the best workout I have ever done ! Full of energy
Lemoine @hugues
June 26, 2020 France
Challenging and good sweat half way in!
Love her positive energy and great workout!
Candice @burpeesplease
June 24, 2020
love deja
Deja's workouts are my favorite. They are always challenging but Deja does an amazing job at keeping you motivated to do your best
Annisa @cactusflowerjr
June 24, 2020
Best workout!
This was one of my favorite workouts! So fun, but a great workout. Fun music too!! Thanks Deja!
Nina @nina_f
June 24, 2020
fun and doable yet challenging!
I'm LOVING Deja's cardio workouts! Thank you Deja for the great workout!
Anneliese @anneliese
June 24, 2020