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30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Kickboxing Workout

4.9 Stars · 27 Reviews

Join Eliza Shirazi, creator and founder of Kick It by Eliza for a high-intensity workout that blends dance, bodyweight toning, and (of course) kickboxing! You don't need any equipment for this 30-minute workout set to the beat of the music.

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 27 Reviews
Great Workout!
This is really just a fun workout. I have only done one other of Eliza's workout but have done it many times. Then I saw she had a few more offered here. I loved the combinations as it made my brain work out too :o)
Darla Perryman @darlaperryman
March 01, 2022
Great workout and lot of energy given by Eliza
Nice workout. not to heave and not the light. Hope to see more workouts in the future by Eliza!!!
E.Okx @emile
April 07, 2021
So much fun
The workout was intense enough to work up a great sweat but so much fun it went by fast. Not a lot of fancy choreography but focus on alignment and form. Fun!
Ellen Henderson-Madhavan @ehm
October 26, 2020
Great workout
Eliza you're such a great instructor, I love it =)
Sophie @soso89
August 10, 2020
Loved this workout because of it’s intensity
August 01, 2020
Fantastic energy
Great workout for beginners
Ana @AnaFeli
June 28, 2020
Love this!
I love breaking up my workout week with a kickboxing class as a little change. I usually do Boxing and Bubbles so I was hesitant to try someone new but this was so great! It was fun and went by so quick. Eliza makes it feel simple and easy but I am a sweaty mess after and know I will feel it tomorrow. Thanks for the awesome class!!
Natalie Dougherty @natjoydoc
June 22, 2020
אימון מעולה!
אירובי מעולה
mor barel @morbarel
June 16, 2020
It's a great, easy to follow, non-stop cardio workout. Thank you Eliza!
Katalin Babelláné Lukács @papucsella
June 04, 2020
Love Eliza and the Kick It Crew <3
As always, I was thrilled to have a workout with Eliza. Having first started boxing with one of her videos here on Pop Sugar I was excited to see another being posted. Not only are her workouts kickass and sweat-inducing, but they are fun and fly by thanks to her infectious positive energy. Great way to get that heartbeat up and practice some punches!
Nadine @nm.lindskog
June 01, 2020
Great sweaty workout !
Great cardio and gets you sweating !
Arianna McLaughlin @ariannamclaughlin
May 30, 2020
Great Workout
This is a great workout if you want to get your heart rate up. Eliza’s energy is contagious!!
Kita @keepitsxy
May 28, 2020
Amazing workout and so much fun!
Love this workout! Great for beginners and those who have only taken a couple of other classes. Eliza is so great at keeping the energy up and motivating you to try your best. I always leave her online classes feeling happy and exhausted! :)
May 24, 2020
Great workout!
This is a great workout! Loved it!
Deidra Embree @embree.dd
May 22, 2020
pretty good
I enjoyed the combos and Eliza's energy, but overall was a little slow/repetitive for my taste
Rachel @rcrist01
May 20, 2020
Nice instructor
Nice instructor but the workout in itself was a bit slow
lexi @lexiputman
May 19, 2020 Guatemala
Great Sweat Sesh!
Great Workout. I love kickboxing and this workout delivered! Fun and the music made me smile! Thank you!
Gina @ginameier
May 18, 2020
I'm very new to kickboxing and Eliza made this so fun and I'm sweating like crazy! I will definitely look for more of her workouts.
Shea @shea.renne
May 17, 2020
Great Workout!
This is the second workout I've done with Eliza and I have really enjoyed her! Love her cardio kickboxing workouts and you definitely get a good high impact workout it. Not to mention, plenty of sweat!
Shaquita Banks @shaquitab
May 16, 2020
Fun, Fast, Total Body
Eliza keeps things moving and really makes you feel good. Fast paced to keep your heart rate up but her instruction is on point so you feel supported the whole time. And the music! Fun.
Lori Dillon @loridillon
May 16, 2020
love herrrr
Eliza is so nice and energetic!! I loved the workout, was really fun.
Marguerite @margot
May 16, 2020
She motivates a lot!
I love, Eliza and her energy!!!!
Valeria López @valopezga
May 15, 2020
Loved this!
The time flew by - Eliza's vibe is perfect!
Ryan @hi_ryanhill
May 15, 2020
best one in awhile
not boring whatsoever .. fun and fast paced.
Allyson @adbsoc24
May 14, 2020
amazing eliza!
Love this workout! eliza makes you feel VERY empowered!
Pepa y La pita @giu.inturrisi
May 14, 2020 Spain
Awesome music
You're energy is contagious! Great full-body workout.
rainbow @rainbowpanda
May 14, 2020
Loved this workout - definitely recommend it if you want to get sweating and the heart rate right up. Thanks Eliza!
Sam Donald @Sammy_Jo33
May 14, 2020