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30-Minute No-Equipment Arms and Abs Workout

4.9 Stars · 16 Reviews

Your arms and abs will be feeling tight and toned after fitness and dance expert Nicole Steen works them in this 30-minute routine! Nicole leads you through an arm series sans weights, and you'll be surprised by how much you feel the burn! Then it's onto those abs, followed by a much-deserved stretch. 

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 16 Reviews
Great start of the day
A favourite to start the day with Just the right intensity a knowledgeable trainer with some interesting combinations And last but not least; A non Screaming trainer. None of this "what's all you up yo's" yelling but calm collected and still with push and pace
Lolinloggen @Active2Stay
December 22, 2020
Good for slower days
Good workout for all levels. I usually save this video for my rest days cause the stretch at the end is awesome.
Andrea @andreagw
August 20, 2020
Love Nicole's presentation; didn't know stretch takes 10 minutes
Nicole Steen is without doubt one of my favorites on the site! Love her devotion and way of explaining which makes every move extremely clear and easy to execute. I hope we could see more of her. The workout itself was really great with just enough intensity to tone everything. I do however wish to know ahead of time that the workout itself constitutes the first 20 minutes and the cool down / stretch alone will take up the last 10 minutes! Other programs usually devote about 5 minutes to it.
Wayne @wechanism
June 21, 2020
love the stretch series
such a fun fast hard but great workout. love the stretch series
jas @jjcherry
June 14, 2020
Great gentle pace
As my title says this is a great gentle workout when you are not at your top game. But still you cannot underestimate it - if you are serious about it you can still feel the burn to your arms (you can add weights for extra challenge) and to your core. And the best part is extra stretching time at the end so you feel really good and restored. Thanks!
June 13, 2020
Lovely presenter
Great workout, really lovely pace, and the presenter has a lovely gentle way about her. It was challenging and I say the stretches at the end was so important. I rarely stretch, it will now become part of my workout. Thank you
Dion @DionMoore
May 19, 2020
Feel the burn!
Definitely felt the workout in my arms! It was a nice workout overall.
Olivia @justletmeliv
May 18, 2020
Efficient and effective
Great training cues as always from Nicole. Arms are worked to fatigue before moving to abs. The stretches are delicious and not hurried so you will feel really good after the 30 minutes. Recommended.
Julia @fitpossum
May 11, 2020
Very good
Very good arm workout. If you want strong and nice arms
Megan @megnew9148
May 05, 2020
Great workout!
I had been looking for a no equipment arm workout and this was perfect!
Nicole Sajecki @nicfit43
May 04, 2020
Great no-equipment workout
Try to change things up for toning, and this workout hit all the marks! Even without dumbbells you feel the burn and the exercises are easy to do at home. The stretching part is a bit long, but definitely helps with muscle recovery :)
Annette Rozendaal @AnneRoze
April 30, 2020
Arms and ABS
that was sooooo good, particularly the stretches... excellent work, thanks!
goodwin @joe
April 30, 2020
Good to Add to the Mix
I try to mix up my routine to work on strength, cardio and flexibility. This toning workout was a little different for me. I kept thinking, I wish I had my 3lb dumbells, BUT then the arm burnout continued. It worked out great because I could feel my muscles working but didn't break a sweat or turn red, which allowed me to look presentable for my video conference calls after lunch.
Candace @thechawkes
April 30, 2020
Great workout! Major stretch session!
I LOVED this workout! The last 10 was a full-body stretch. Not what I expected but absolutely needed. This is saved in my favorites for sure!
Jenn Hatch @jennleehatch
April 28, 2020 Austin, TX
Nice workout! Lots of stretching.
I enjoyed this workout a lot! A good but simple workout for arms and abs. Be aware though that the last 10ish minutes are dedicated just to stretching!
Katie @kem1monkeys
April 28, 2020
Time flies
Nice and effective workout! Arms and ads burning. Good for everyone. Nicole's tips are clear and motivating. Thank you from Italy
Lorenza @oriella2013
April 28, 2020