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30-Minute Live Bodyweight Strength-Training Workout

4.6 Stars · 9 Reviews

Join Angela Gargano for a bodyweight workout designed to focus on YOUR strengths. You'll challenge your body with exercises like squats, push-ups, and reverse crunches. Throughout the workout, Angela will encourage you to focus on your strengths to power through it. 

Workout plan:

Warm-Up ⠀

High Knees, Butt Kicks, Kick and Twists, Walk-Out Reaches, Gymnastics Lying Kicks, 90 90 Spaghetti and Meatballs [[not sure what this last part means?]]⠀


3-Minute AMRAP (Legs)⠀

 ➡️Plié Squat Pulses x 10 ⠀

 ➡️Plié Squat to Toes x 10 ⠀

⚡️10 V-Ins (Snack & Treat) ⚡️⠀

3-Minute AMRAP (ARMS)⠀

➡️Plank Up-Downs x 10 ⠀

➡️Superman Swimmers x 10 ⠀

⚡️15 V-Ins (Snack & Treat) ⚡️⠀

3-Minute AMRAP (Combo)⠀

➡️Prisoner Squats x 10 ⠀

➡️Explosive Push-Ups x 10 ⠀

⚡️20 V-Ins (Snack & Treat)⚡️⠀


🔥4-Minute Core Finisher Challenge 🔥

Hollow Hold; every 30 seconds, do 5 of the exercises below, then RIGHT back to Hollow. I put the time on the left so you don’t have to think. 😜

30 seconds: 1- Scissors ⠀

1 minute: 2- Reverse Crunches ⠀

1:30: 3- Bicycle Crunches ⠀

2 minutes: 4- SL[[Single-Leg?]] V-Ins ⠀

2:30: 5- Heel Touches ⠀

3 minutes: 6- Toe Touches ⠀

3:30: 7- Penguins ⠀

4 minutes: 8- Hollow Rock  ⠀

Stretch it out! 

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.6 | 9 Reviews
Very intense exercises, core challenge was especially hard. Liked it.
July 09, 2020
Fast and efficient
Really enjoyed the different exercises and how they were grouped together. I would suggest less time between moves as that used about 4 minutes that could be used for more exercises. Love your energy and positive attitude.
Colleen Fabbi @cfabbi
June 02, 2020
full body
i like having the amraps- nice change of pace from other workouts
Marianne @mprabhu
June 02, 2020
Great for Core
Good workout but there was too much time in between workouts.
Shaquita Banks @shaquitab
May 21, 2020
It burned!
Love the way she challenges the audience to go the extra mile from one round to the other..
Nadia @nadiacuellar04
April 14, 2020
Great challenge and her energy is excellent!!!
Lauren Silagy @Lssalami
April 11, 2020
Good workout!
4 minutes hold was great, but gaps between sets were too long
Martina @MartinaBond
April 11, 2020
30 min strength
That was fast!1
goodwin @joe
April 11, 2020
A great all over body strengthener.
Fiona @fionah132
April 11, 2020