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30-Minute Live Bodyweight Strength-Training Workout

4.5 Stars · 10 Reviews

Join Angela Gargano for a bodyweight workout designed to focus on YOUR strengths. You'll challenge your body with exercises like squats, push-ups, and reverse crunches. Throughout the workout, Angela will encourage you to focus on your strengths to power through it. 

Workout plan:

Warm-Up ⠀

High Knees, Butt Kicks, Kick and Twists, Walk-Out Reaches, Gymnastics Lying Kicks, 90 90 Spaghetti and Meatballs [[not sure what this last part means?]]⠀


3-Minute AMRAP (Legs)⠀

 ➡️Plié Squat Pulses x 10 ⠀

 ➡️Plié Squat to Toes x 10 ⠀

⚡️10 V-Ins (Snack & Treat) ⚡️⠀

3-Minute AMRAP (ARMS)⠀

➡️Plank Up-Downs x 10 ⠀

➡️Superman Swimmers x 10 ⠀

⚡️15 V-Ins (Snack & Treat) ⚡️⠀

3-Minute AMRAP (Combo)⠀

➡️Prisoner Squats x 10 ⠀

➡️Explosive Push-Ups x 10 ⠀

⚡️20 V-Ins (Snack & Treat)⚡️⠀


🔥4-Minute Core Finisher Challenge 🔥

Hollow Hold; every 30 seconds, do 5 of the exercises below, then RIGHT back to Hollow. I put the time on the left so you don’t have to think. 😜

30 seconds: 1- Scissors ⠀

1 minute: 2- Reverse Crunches ⠀

1:30: 3- Bicycle Crunches ⠀

2 minutes: 4- SL[[Single-Leg?]] V-Ins ⠀

2:30: 5- Heel Touches ⠀

3 minutes: 6- Toe Touches ⠀

3:30: 7- Penguins ⠀

4 minutes: 8- Hollow Rock  ⠀

Stretch it out! 

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.5 | 10 Reviews
love the energy, positive cheering and burner exercises!
Hilde @hilde
October 01, 2020
Very intense exercises, core challenge was especially hard. Liked it.
July 09, 2020
Fast and efficient
Really enjoyed the different exercises and how they were grouped together. I would suggest less time between moves as that used about 4 minutes that could be used for more exercises. Love your energy and positive attitude.
Colleen Fabbi @cfabbi
June 02, 2020
full body
i like having the amraps- nice change of pace from other workouts
Marianne @mprabhu
June 02, 2020
Great for Core
Good workout but there was too much time in between workouts.
Shaquita Banks @shaquitab
May 21, 2020
It burned!
Love the way she challenges the audience to go the extra mile from one round to the other..
Nadia @nadiacuellar04
April 14, 2020
Great challenge and her energy is excellent!!!
Lauren Silagy @Lssalami
April 11, 2020
Good workout!
4 minutes hold was great, but gaps between sets were too long
Martina @MartinaBond
April 11, 2020
30 min strength
That was fast!1
goodwin @joe
April 11, 2020
A great all over body strengthener.
Fiona @fionah132
April 11, 2020