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30-Minute Kickboxing Workout

5.0 Stars · 31 Reviews

Get sweaty with this 30-minute kickboxing session from Jarret Janako. You don't need any equipment for this cardio-intensive workout!

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 31 Reviews
Fun and sweaty
Loved his energy and the routine kept my heart rate up. I would work out with Jarret again.
Meg @fitonthehill
January 02, 2024
Perfect 30 min all body workout!
Was easy to follow. No equipment needed. Moderate intensity. Will definitely do this workout again! Hope to see Jarret on Popsugar Active again.
Ginger Mullis @gingercm67
December 21, 2022
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corin purslow @corinpurslow
October 13, 2022
loved it!
I wish there are more videos by him!great workout!
Sylvie @sylvieyaacoub
January 25, 2022
Nonstop Action
No water breaks here folks!! I loved this workout - Jarrett made it easy to follow with just the right amount of energy! Thanks for getting my day started!!
June 08, 2021
Enjoyed This Workout!!
Not so many cardio workout is easy to follow but this was! Got my heart rate up and was able to do every move. Plus Jarret seem lovely - so thank you!
Wemmy @Wemmy
May 31, 2021
Great job! Such a fun workout!
Dawn Boer @dawnboer
March 25, 2021
Awesome workout
I've done this class four times because I walk away feeling amazing every time! Thank you, Jarrett!
Keats @kiwanaga
March 01, 2021
Simple, Effective, Fun & Sweaty
Simple doesn't mean easy! Great trainer; hope I see more of him!
Libby Barnard @LibbyBarnard
January 26, 2021
Great to the point,effective workout!
December 05, 2020
I had a blast and worked up a sweat.
Ellen Henderson-Madhavan @ehm
November 03, 2020
punch out the stress!
Amazing workout, easy movements but tough enough! And Jarret is just the most captivating trainer ever!
Carlotta @CarlottaH
October 27, 2020
Great way to start your morning
Great Energy! Thanks for adding some swag on your jabs it help me get through it!
Roxanna Monclova @RoxieMarie
September 11, 2020
Just what I needed
I love how he broke down the moves so I could do them with good form. More from Jarret please!
Andee Frei @andeejf
September 06, 2020
Great Workout
I really enjoyed this workout. Jarret broke down the moves and made kickboxing very easy to follow. I sweated a lot and hope to see more of his workouts.
Nga Nguyen @nga1768
August 30, 2020
It's my second time doing this routine. I love how he do the exercises and him motivation. Love!
Maryann Estrada @maryannestrada
August 26, 2020
Loved this
This was a great workout! Loved the energy! Thank you!
Lynn Hall @lynnvavrina
August 09, 2020
the instructor here is REALLY GOOD. pls bring him back!
Ana Beatriz @anabeatriz18
July 28, 2020
Fantastic sweaty great time!
I did this one 2 days in a row because I liked it so much. Easy to follow and awesome teacher! Love the full time smile. Hope to see lots more workouts from Jarret on here!
Darcy Shearer @darcylouise
July 27, 2020
Great workout!
Some classes say they're boxing but only have a little bit. This one is boxing and I LOVED it! I really miss my kickboxing classes at the gym and this is the closest thing I've found without the bag. Jarret is terrific--is easy to follow, gives just enough encouragement and has that easy-going big smile. I would go to his classes if I could and I hope he does more for Active!
Jeanne Winding @jwinding
July 27, 2020 Gig Harbor, WA
Great workout!
Loved this! Felt so good afterwards! Moves aren't complicated, instructor is motivating and clear. Totally enjoyable and made working out fun!
Michelle @tmlb
July 27, 2020
I loved Jarret's energy!! He made this workout fun and I sweat a TON.
Shea @shea.renne
July 26, 2020
Love it
Definitely enjoyed my workout today! Thank you Jarret!
Sonia Cruz @Cruzlady
July 24, 2020 Denver, CO
Great workout!
Thanks for an energizing and fun workout!
Jennifer @jenniferhirsch
July 24, 2020
good vibes!
Really nice and refreshing workout! thanks from Italy!
selene @Selene
July 23, 2020
Sweet sweat!
I was thinking I'd do this workout for an "easier" day. But once I got into it I started getting a great sweat on! (Adding some high impact and weights didn't hurt). Also love the new trainer! I hope he does more popsugar workouts in the future.
Maya Tanner @MayaTanner
July 23, 2020
Welcome and Thank You!
Great workout Jarret, I really enjoyed it. Just the right amount of sweat...Hope to see more of your workouts!
D Koo @Notolady
July 22, 2020
So much fun!
I loved this! Thank you for this workout :)
Jaclyn @jaclynj17x
July 22, 2020
Great energy!
Thanks for a fun workout, and welcome to the Popsugar family!
Terry Stanley @TLstanley
July 22, 2020
I enjoyed this workout!!! It wasn't too jarring. I was able to get my heart rate up. The instructor was friendly and energetic. I recommend this workout for anyone looking for a low impact high intensity kickboxing workout.
Primaris27 @primaris27
July 21, 2020
Really fine!
Easy moves! good cardio. Thanks from Argentina!
g @gfcustom
July 20, 2020