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30-Minute HIIT Workout With Victoria Brown

5.0 Stars · 12 Reviews

[Presented by Under Armour] Get ready to HIIT it with this 30-minute session led by Victoria Brown. This workout includes three sequences with exercises like lateral lunges, planks with shoulder tap to row, and breakdancers to challenge each muscle group! Yes, these are some advanced moves but Victoria will have you covered with plenty of modifications. No matter what your fitness level is, these bodyweight exercises and Victoria’s inspiring energy will have you smiling as you break a sweat. 

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 12 Reviews
Love it
Very effective
Andeh Bridget @Andeh
May 09, 2021 Sweden
challenging but within my reach
This was easy to follow, made me sweat, moves I could do in a small space with no equipment. Thank you!
Marianne @mprabhu
December 08, 2020
Loved it
Quite challenging, but it flew by so quickly, leaving me nicely tired and satisfied.
July 15, 2020
Great Workout
Victoria has a way of motivating you and ensuring that you finish through your workout. It was awesome!
Astrid Salazar @ash_belize
May 13, 2020
Easy to follow
Great full body workout which is simple to follow and broken into timed sets. Not much jumping or high impact so perfect for a “sore” day.
Julia @fitpossum
May 12, 2020
Killer workout!
Love it!! And she is the best!!
Angie @angiechas
May 09, 2020 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Great sweat!
Such a good workout - my heart rate was so high during it and I was instantly sore afterwards! The Breakdancer was such a fun, different move that I hadn’t done before, too - will definitely be adding it to my ab routines.
Cassandra Valdes @cassyvaldes
May 09, 2020
Hard but flew by!
Didn’t love it whilst I was doing it, but it flew by and I feel great now!
Gemma Doku @gemx
May 07, 2020
Loved this workout. Still need to perfect that breakdancer move. That's a new one for me!
lexi @lexiputman
May 04, 2020 Guatemala
Great workout
I loved this workout and Victoria's positive energy. I was very sweaty by the end and I know I"ll be sore tomorrow. Will definitely come back to this one!
Hilary Ready @hilaryready
May 04, 2020
I really enjoyed this workout
So good, 30 minutes that fly away!
Giulia @juliettejuju
May 04, 2020
Thank you from Milano
Laura @lauretta
May 03, 2020