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30-Minute Full-Body Yoga

4.8 Stars · 37 Reviews

Treat your body to stretching and strengthening with Jennifer Aniston's go-to yogi, Mandy Ingber.

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 37 Reviews
So unbelievably good!
Did the workout for the first time yesterday and I enjoyed it so much, I did it again today. Instruction was so easy to follow and at a good pace while just enough challenge to make you feel you've worked out. Now part of my daily routine.
Katrina Williams @katrinawilliams333
August 02, 2020 Cardiff, UK
Great workout!
Definitely worked up a sweat in the 30mins. And it went by so quickly! Great workout!
Florence @JuzFlo
June 18, 2020
Great instruction, great workout!
Instructor gave great directions, and I worked up a sweat!
Shosh @shoshanahmck
June 17, 2020
Basic flow.
Anna, stop talking and interrupting the instructors! I do not want your commentary. Other than that, it was a nice basic flow, but I feel like I now need something more to really get in a good practice.
Paige @P.Gliddy
June 14, 2020 Chicago
Great workout
More of a strength workout than relaxation yoga. Perfect addition to your weekly workouts to challenge your body.
Octavia Sencariuc @octavias
June 07, 2020
class went by so fast!
This was great! Still very challenging without the high impact stuff!! Loved it! I will work it into my regular rotation!! Thanks!
Abbey @scoteseabigail
June 04, 2020 Colorado
Amazing 30 mins!
Feeling great after.. body is still shaking!
tripper01 @Tripper
May 30, 2020
This was just what I needed this morning and a great reminder from Mandy of all the things we have to be grateful for. In this time of COVID-19 I can't go to my gym but I have been doing a Pop Sugar class nearly every day. I'm so grateful for this wonderful platform. Thank you Anna and thank you Mandy for the reminder.
Clare Bezjak @clareandbruno
May 27, 2020
Very Good
If want a quick push through out the week , yes it definitely is cardio but in a good way . Great to burn those extra calories and to build strength.
May 19, 2020
All Time Fave
Mandy summarized it perfectly "challenging but yet I feel it comes from me easily". I like her explanations for how to hold the poses.
June Chen @chenj12
May 16, 2020
Very good yoga practice
It is not too fast, it is relaxing and gives strength. Very nice class, I recommend
May 14, 2020
Great workout / Great stretch!
Loved this - great stretching and strengthening at the same time.
May 12, 2020
Just what I needed
Energetic, but not crazy. Great stretch. My ideal yoga class.
Nicola Harrop @RunNicRun
May 12, 2020
Fast Cardio Flow
I was trying to find a relaxing yoga to end my day yesterday, so I went through the yoga section, reading descriptions of videos I hadn't done yet. This one did not include the word "cardio", so I chose it. I was not prepared for this fast flows that gets your heart racing. The class itself was very good, but not what i wanted. I deducted a star because of the labeling and description should beer more accurate. I have found this to be true with several Popsugar workout videos.
Candace @thechawkes
May 11, 2020
great workout
Will definitely do it again
Marta @marty2103
May 06, 2020
Fun sun salutations
Loved the fun sun salutations with quite a few variations. Will definitely take this class again!
ana @anavic
May 03, 2020
Love the workout hate the music!
would have preferred calmer music!
Elle S @Elle1777
April 24, 2020
I am not a regular yoga person but want to be - this was a good way to get me started again
Melissa @basilmd
April 24, 2020
Envigorating Practice
Thank you for this sun salutation practice!!!
Shell @ShellD
April 19, 2020
Great Yoga flow
I just loved this workout, it was similar to my regular vinyasa yoga class. Mandy Ingber just has a lot of positive energy, and she's quite funny as well. Thank you for this video!
Céline De Weerdt @celinedeweerdt
April 19, 2020
Great! but no for beginners!
Nice yoga workout!! love it
carla G @caarlitte
April 06, 2020
best feeling ever
this workout was AMAZING and so relaxing
Paulina @paurmz
April 01, 2020
Totally gets you heart and blood pumping in the first few minutes...
melissa wilkins @melentc13
April 01, 2020
What a Feeling!
This is how it feels when one’s body is being taken care of.
Lorraine C. Llagas @lorraine.llagas
March 31, 2020
very good
I liked the flow...started slow and got faster and more difficult & Had some good cues.
Kathy Bolla @kathybolla
March 28, 2020
Awesome yoga workout!
Love this yoga routine! So much fun and challenging, it is a total body workout all in 30min!
Stacy Lee Damsgaard @sdamsgaard
March 27, 2020
Wonderful Yoga Practice
This Yoga routine flowed smoothly and produced a lot of energy. I have integrated some poses and moves with Sun Salutations that I practice every morning.
Barbara @Tabatta
March 26, 2020
Good, faster flow class
This was a great full-body quick flow workout. You won't spend a ton of time focusing on form in the poses, but the flows will get your heart rate up!
TK @huck
March 26, 2020
Love it!
Great workout to connect with your inner strength. Love it!
Ingrid Contreras Arias @ingridcca
March 25, 2020
Great Yoga Workout!
I really like the way she built the sequence. She gave great options and levels, which was nice to get to choose where to challenge myself. I liked that the flows were repeated a few times to have time to get the hang of it.
Jillian Grudzinski @jlkroot
March 25, 2020
Great class!
Really enjoyed this class - half an hour was just enough time to work up a sweat but short enough to fit it in before a bite of lunch on a workday. Will definitely do this one again!
Marielle @mariellejosette
March 25, 2020
Love this routine
Very fast paced, and was a great way to start my day.
Julie Carico @julieitaly1
March 22, 2020
Love it!
Effective yoga flow, nice stretch with some of the most important poses.
Cinzia @cinnamon
March 21, 2020
Awesome, challenging flow
I loved this flow! Easy to modify yourself if you know how to advance (more binding, etc.) but still a great challenge. She also explained everything such that if you weren't a regular yogi you could still really get a great workout experience.
Denise @expatexerciser
March 20, 2020
Great Start to the day
I did this workout first thing and it was a lovely relaxing start to my day.
Eleanor Tunick @eleanor99
March 19, 2020
starts slow, but then you get a good workout!
lots of vinyasa flows, nice stretching at the end for runners
Marianne @mprabhu
March 18, 2020
Great flow!
This was a great yoga workout. I broke a sweat, but it also gave me a gentle stretch after a tough PopSugar HIIT workout yesterday! Highly recommend.
Ashton @ameeks514
March 17, 2020