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30-Minute Full-Body Workout With Jake DuPree

5.0 Stars · 25 Reviews

Join Jake DuPree for a high-energy workout that includes his signature blend of cardio-intensive moves with toning exercises like push-ups, leg lifts, and squats. This workout designed to make you smile as you sweat.Β 

Jake's shirt: Rhone

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 25 Reviews
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corin purslow @corinpurslow
October 13, 2022
Well done Jake for using your platform to reinforce positivity and diversity!
Great workout as always with Jakes classes! And I love that he used his platform to advocate Pride month and spread some love! πŸ‘πŸ’•
Ruth @missbris88
February 22, 2021
Jake is the BOMB!!!
Have loved Jake since equinox!!! He is so inspiring and motivating! Love his classes, his Personality, and his humor!! Beautiful inside and out!!! Can’t wait to do more of his online classes!!
Eva @evangy1028
September 15, 2020
Awesome Jake
You’re gonna make me hate that number 4, but I love your workout! And I do thank you, you are AWESOME! Hugs from Brussels ❀️
Jovana Ra @JovanaRa
September 10, 2020
Fun work out that gets the job done
I have to second the other reviewers comment - "Jake DuPree is a Guarantee!". I have loved every Jake DuPree workout. They are a serious workout, but they move quick and Jake makes it fun.
July 26, 2020
Jake is great!!
Always a great workout with Jake!! I keep coming back to his workouts. Fun, motivating and he makes time pass by so quickly.
Elize @elizelim
July 23, 2020
Great Workout!!
love it-quick and gets the job done
Lisa Block @ljamronblock
July 20, 2020
Jake is the Best
Always love Jake’s workouts!! I do this one 5+ times per week.
July 17, 2020
Happy Pride y'all
God I love that man! Drippin' in sweat!!
Gitta @GittaMalinka
July 05, 2020
Jake's workouts are the BEST
lisa @dumpslikeatruck
June 26, 2020
Great, quick workout!
Love his workouts and he always keeps me engaged!
Emma @emburke18
June 18, 2020
Thank you from Argentina!!
Excellent as always Jake! Best workouts out there.
caitlin @caitcarmody
June 18, 2020
Love James workouts!
Jakes workouts are my favorite πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thanks for all the at home Live workouts!
Brittany Mocerino @britleigh24
June 17, 2020
First Jake Workout for Me
Great moderate intensity full body workout! Love his energy 😍. Will definitely continue to do his workouts!
Ginger Mullis @gingercm67
June 16, 2020
A good one
Jake's workouts are always fun and this one also kept pushing my condition! Love you - be proud!
Mariam @Majam
June 16, 2020
Loved it!
Loved this workout! Quick and fun and intense! Im doing it again tomorrow!!!!
thal @thalzb
June 16, 2020
Always the best choice
Love Jake's workouts - they are fun, challenging and make you sweat real bad lol Much love from Germany!! Happy Pride Month <3
Liz @Liz90
June 16, 2020
Happy Pride Month!
Happy Pride Month!!! That was so fun! Can never go wrong with Jake's workouts.
Naz Fulton @nazhfulton
June 16, 2020
thank you so much! happy pride. thank you marsha for everything.
Ana Beatriz @anabeatriz18
June 15, 2020
so much fun and challenging, love you jake!!
tatiana roman @tati2512
June 15, 2020
Jake is the GOAT
Fantastic workout as always! Jake's routines are always tough, but you don't even notice because he's just so pleasant. His knowledge of LGBTQ history and advocacy is the cherry on top :)
Laura @ltaronas
June 15, 2020
love it!
Camille @Criff
June 15, 2020
France too !!
I discovered the Popsugar Fitness's channel on youtube during the Covid19 quarantine and now the app : i'm very happy because i love all Jack's workout even if it's hard but he's so attractive. Keep going on :)
oph17 @oph17
June 15, 2020
Jake DuPree is a Guarantee!
As always: an awesome workout by the one and only Jake DuPree!
MerSilvia @MerSilvia
June 15, 2020
Merci depuis la France
You're getting people to move their asses all the way until Avignon, South of France! Thank you so much for all this energy and for keeping us healthy with a smile.
Nina @Ninszsz
June 14, 2020