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30-Minute Full-Body Workout

4.9 Stars · 19 Reviews

JoinΒ Ashley JoiΒ for a challenging full-body workout! Expect cardio-intensive moves like mountain climbers, high-knees, and jump squats to get your heart rate up. You don't need any equipment, but you'll want to grab a towel for this sweat session.

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 19 Reviews
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corin purslow @corinpurslow
October 13, 2022
Not a Full 30 Min
With warm-up and cool-down it was less than 30 minutes. It may be a good few circuits to repeat for a longer workout. Trainer is not the best at cueing when to begin or end, but I like her style.
Libby Barnard @LibbyBarnard
December 31, 2020
Loidalee @loidalee
August 14, 2020
Feel the Burn!
My legs are pure shaking! Great workout ! Thank you!
Chasity Melvin @ChasityM
August 13, 2020
Surprisingly Challenging!
Great workout, thanks!
Gina @ginameier
July 18, 2020
awesome workout
I loved this workout. I am dripping sweat and tired, but I loved that the exercises were easy to follow and some of them really brought the burn! Saving and will be doing again!
Lyndsey Oraw @lyndseyoraw
July 02, 2020
Core and More!
This was a really great workout! I really felt it in my legs and core. Also great if you're like me and like high intensity workouts. Love Ashley Joi!
Shaquita Banks @shaquitab
July 01, 2020
Loved it!
It's a great full body workout. It looks simple but it's intense.
Merily Hernandez @mhernandez
June 29, 2020
I did it!
Great workout!
Debora Widyastuti @belajar7berdoa
June 29, 2020
great workout
thank you, Ashley, great workout, great energy :)
Agata MoskaΕ‚a @agata_the_rock
June 29, 2020
thank u ashley, great workout!
Ana Beatriz @anabeatriz18
June 26, 2020
Sweet Heart Racing Perfection
Thanks Ashley for a short but effective sweat sesh!! Loved it and saved it! :*
Sonia Cruz @Cruzlady
June 24, 2020 Denver, CO
Perfect Cardio Intensive
Adored Ashley's energy and 40 second intervals, very achievable. I'll be watching for more Ashley!
Jen @jwatson
June 22, 2020
An amazing and joyful workout.
I loved this workout and I Love Ashley, she is so vibrant full of joy and energy. Please give us more of your workouts Ashley..
Elvira @elvirapaisrami
June 22, 2020
Loved it!
Wasn’t really in the mood to do this today, but so glad I did. Feeling great and ready to take on the day.
Gemma Doku @gemx
June 22, 2020
So motivational and energising!
Was in such a funk this morning and this has just completely flipped my mood! Ashley is so full of energy and left me feeling great! The work out manages to be both manageable and accessible whilst also really making you sweat and getting your heart rate going. Definitely would recommend!
Alex @alexowens
June 21, 2020
SO good!
Ashley is definitely in my top 5 trainers! Her energy is infectious. She makes tough work outs so fun. I'm sweating all over the place. Thank you, Ashley!!!
Naz Fulton @nazhfulton
June 20, 2020
Great Workout
I absolutely loved her energy. A very effective full body workout gets the heart rate up in only 30 minutes. I will definitely do this one again.
Kita @keepitsxy
June 20, 2020
good workout to add to your list
stick with this, it looks simple in the beginning, but is not if you push yourself in each exercise. Ashley does a good job of showing modifications, but you may need to watch twice as modifications aren't always presented immediately. She is encouraging and has a positive attitude.
Deb @DJJ59
June 19, 2020